It’s the big organic debate!  Do you buy and organic or not?  Thanks to for publishing the 2017 Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15 fruits and veggies list.  No matter your stance on organic or not, you can’t ignore the fact that certain fruits and vegetables are more contaminated than others.  It’s not just the pesticide sprays but it’s also the soil.  So much of our food is genetically modified from the ground.   Read over dirty dozen list and the clean 15 and make a decision for yourself.

2017 Dirty Dozen Fruits and Veggies

Not everyone can afford to eat organic and we should not have to worry about this, especially if you are feeding children.  Why do all of the favourites seem to land on the list like strawberries, apples, pears, peaches, grapes, cherries, tomatoes and more.  Try to find a local farmer whenever possible and get information about where your produce is coming from.  If you are in Stoney Creek, there is an amazing little place called the Farm Fresh Country Market.  The owner goes to the local farms herself.  Check them out.   



2017 Clean 15 Fruits and Veggies

The Clean 15 is least important to buy organic. The rule is anything with a hard shell or skin is not such a big deal.  I am excited that Avocados are on the Clean 15 list.  I love making my guacamole recipe.  When buying produce, you need to look at where it came from.  I choose to stay away from Mexico and China.  Is it a perfect piece of waxy fruit?  If it is perfect, you probably don’t want it because it was probably genetically modified, or sprayed with some type of pesticide.


Trina’s Produce Tips

I have a friend who is a big shot in the produce industry and here are some of our combined tips:

  • Look for non-GMO and pesticide free
  • Produce with a softer skin is more important to buy organic then produce with a harder skin i.e.: bananas, not really important to buy them organic unless theyare cheaper *Read Do Bananas Make You Fat here 
  • Do not buy produce from China or Mexico
  • Buy local whenever possible or at least from your country
  • Eat produce in season *this is hard to do
  • Wash your produce very well even if it’s organic (they can carry serious germs and viruses, especially from all the people that touched it before you bought it
  • Organic is not perfect, sometimes it’s probably mislabeled in the grocery store but it may be a better option
  • Although it might not be perfect, buy organic from the dirty dozens list first

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