Here is a 14 minute total body workout that you can do with just body weight or add dumbbells to the calf raises.  I did this challenge on Valentine’s Day and I called it the “Love Me Challenge” because it’s all about taking care of you.  Sexy squats, love skaters, cupid calf raises, pushups and positive work planks.  I repeated ” I am fit, healthy and strong” 14 times for the positive words. Don’t forget to pin the workout card.

Total Body 14 minute Total Body Challenge


14 Sexy Squats or Squat Jumps

  • Stand tall, hips fully extended, core tight, drop and drive through the heels and squeeze the glutes on the way up
  • Progression to a side squat moving from right to left or full squat jack reaching toward the ground and opening up the hips at the top of the movement
  • Tip: add weights to make it harder

14 Low Love Skaters

  • Starting with low impact moving from left to right
  • Progression to a high impact skater moving wider

14 Cupid Calf Raises

  • Grab a step or secure stair, start with body weight  only
  • Drop heels down and press up on the toes
  • Option to add dumbbells which is going to challenge your balance and muscles

14 Push-ups

  • Start on the knees and progress to the toes

14 Positive Word Planks

  • Plank until you say 14 positive words, “I love me, I am strong”.  I repeated I am fit, strong, healthy!

If you have weights, add them to the squats and calf raises.  Repeat from the top for 14 min in total!

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