Beach Workout to Celebrate 13 years in Business for Fit4Females, a caffeine hack and a special note.  I’m busy dishing out tips on Instagram.  Once my video stories disappear along with my amazing Tidbits, I get tons messages asking “what was that you said about such and such and where can I find the video?”  Here is a recap so you don’t miss out.  Enjoy and grab all my free goodies here.

beach-workout-iconBeach Workout Arms and ABS 

Fit4Females is 13 years old and we started outdoors and with Beach Workouts.  Take your workout outdoors to change your scenery during this pandemic. You can find more freebies in my Fit Community News here.  Try beach workout at home.
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes or perform 4 rounds.
  • Always warm up first.
  • Do by reps of 12 or 30 second intervals, your choice.  Enjoy!
  • Use the arrow on the right of the video to see all of the Beach Workout exercises.


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Calling all Caffeine Lovers

When you wake up, are you reaching for caffeine? I am not just talking about coffee and tea.  How about the famous little packs that big companies are selling?  You want your natural hormones to do their job in the morning. They are more powerful than caffeine.  Watch this video to allow proper hormone function.  This one thing can help your hormones and health journey a lot.  Start with a short time if 90 minutes is too much.  Enjoy!


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beach-workout-icon-coffee-hackWrite a Love Note to Yourself

I love receiving hand written notes and cards, it’s my favourite thing.  Every woman needs to write a love note to yourself.  After I posted this on Instagram, the direct messages flooded in.  The women that started it have told me they feel better about themselves.  Try it.

In Conclusion

Do the beach workout in your backyard or at home.  Write a love note to yourself and try waiting 90 minutes to drink your caffeine.

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Make your workouts a priority.

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