Best healthy tips is what I’m dishing out.  You can’t expect to be healthy overnight.  Being healthy is a consistent daily practice of habits. Unwell, overweight, exhausted and stressed out?  Your immune system requires harmony and balance and a few things to keep it strong.  I will not address supplements but more of a natural approach for you to make positive changes right now.

Best Healthy Tips 

  • Fitness
  • Fuel with healthy food & drinks
  • Sleep
  • Think healthy
  • Reduce stress
  • Rome in nature

Best Healthy Tips #1 Fitness – Workout

Working out boosts your immune system and makes everything stronger.  Download this free workout.

  • Hit the gym, class or at home workout
  • Lift weights, move your body and build your HGH *human growth hormone.
  • People that workout generally get sick less *wash your hands after touching equipment of course
  • Stretch, foam roll and finish with a meditation to really boost your immune system
  • Get a buddy or Community of women to help you actually do your workouts
  • Try a FREE class with us anytime



Best Healthy Tips #2 Fuel with Food

  • Lots of water daily *fill up your bottle as part of your routine at night to be ready for morning
  • Drink lots of water and even better try the Lemon Detox Water recipe here
  • Bone Broth is said to boost your immune system
  • Eat a diet with lots of veggies, fruits, plant based foods, nuts and seeds, start with these Dairy Free Smoothies
  • Go for several meatless meals per week to help reduce inflammation and give your digestive system a break *meat is harder to digest
  • Try Chia Pudding Jars or this for breakfast instead of your usual.


Best Healthy Tips #3 Sleep Tidbits

Create an environment of wellness around you.  Clutter free room, no technology and as dark as possible.  The bedroom is basically for sleep and sex.

  1. Write down your bed time, pen to paper and stick to it
  2. Every 7 days, pull your bed time back by 15 minutes to get the optimal hours you need
  3. Write down what time your phone is off limits *ideally 2 hours before bed
  4. No TV Sunday – Thursday
  5. Sleep mask and ear plugs
  6. I love to mist lavender or serenity oil in my room


Best Healthy Tips #4 Mindset and Nature

If you feel like your thoughts and mind are taking over, read this.

  1. Think as many healthy and positive thoughts about yourself as possible *this takes a lot or practice daily
  2. Take a walk, sit or lie on the ground and root yourself into the earth.  I told myself I was too busy and then I started walking every day.  Walking truly saved me.
  3. Fresh air rocks for your immune system and mood.
  4. Gratitude daily.  As Humans , we are built for negativity.  It goes way back to the days we had to stay alive because wild animals could kill us.  We don’t live that way anymore but our brains are still wired that way.  Pen to paper every day write down what you are grateful for.  Even write things down you want to accomplish as thought they have happened.  More on this here – Time Management and Weight loss 
  5. Mediate!  This changed my life in 2019

kids and trina

Best Healthy Programs for Results

To be the “best healthy” version of yourself means committing to you.  I remember when I didn’t know what to do or where to start.  That is exactly why I built ALL of this.  To make a blue print for you to do it too.

These programs are how I took my life back after a disease that was progressing rapidly in my body, how I lost 20 pounds, gained lean muscle body, healing my brain, body and getting back on track check
Here are some incredible Programs that will help you with Fitness, Food and Mindset.

In Conclusion

One small step at a time.  I remind you weekly with tons of free Tidbits, Recipes and workouts in my FIT Insider here.  Join me!

Thanks for reading xo

Trina Medves

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