Lift your lashes for a more dramatic and natural look. Longer and fuller lashes are in demand and you can have them without the danger of lash glue or lash extensions. Save tons of money, time and avoid damage to your eyes with my lash Tidbit.  After you “lift your lashes” and look beautiful, do my “Sexy Shoulder sand Stronger ABS workout below”.  Grab all my free goodies here.

body-fat-lose-weightLift your Lashes Naturally

I had 80 requests in my Instagram direct messages when I posted this photo asking “do you want my all natural lash tidbit?”  I am not wearing any mascara or make up in this photo. Due to the demand, I created a video for you.  Make sure to follow me on social below.


‼️WARNING: Do not heat the steel part of the eye lash curler.

I have light lashes and they are not naturally long. This helps your lashes pop.  Test the temperature of the curler before putting it on your eyes.

Only HEAT the rubber part. Be sure to test the temperature.  Tag me in a photo and hashtag.

This is after I curled just one lash. Can you see the difference?



Sexy Shoulders & Strong ABS Workout 

I post a ton on my Instagram account and even more in my Fit Community News here.  This Sexy Shoulders and Strong ABS workout was a big hit in our Community.  Click here for a full breakdown of the workout.  Make your fitness and health a priority and try this at home.  Add this workout to your calendar to make it happen.

In Conclusion

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