How do you quit bad habits? If you are having trouble with weight, sleep, food, emotional eating, stress, anger or anything that is not serving you, this is a must read and watch.  I went live on Facebook and Instagram with this topic and the response was incredible.  We can all relate to fear holding us back.  Especially with old stories that are no longer serving you. Finally get control of your fear and your story so that you can have the body and life you want.

“I am” statement as though you succeeded

Write down the goal as though it happened and you finally quit bad habits and old stories.  Act as though it happened and you succeeded.  If you want to lose weight, eat better food, quit your job, be a better parent, quit emotional eating, start with a place of “I am”…

  • No longer drinking
  • Working out 4 times a week
  • Strong
  • 20 pounds lighter
  • Not emotional eating anymore
  • Free of being a sugar addict


Quit Bad Habits: Own your Fear

I quit drinking alcohol on March 20, 2019, because it was no longer serving me. It’s not easy quitting anything, especially alcohol and sugar. You might be afraid of what “will happen or won’t” happen.  Afraid you will fail, won’t be able to finish and other people around you can feed into this fear.  You could even be afraid of what “good” will happen and not be ready for it.  Get a community or a circle of people and friends to support you.

Dive into your fear which can a positive thing:

  • Take a deep breath and pause – this let’s go of anxiety and fear.
  • Imagine and write down what will happen if you continue on with this bad habit or the many bad habits you have.
  • What would you tell me as your coach if I asked you what your bad habits are?
  • How do they make you feel?
  • What do you want to feel instead?
  • Anything that you are afraid of?
  • Self talk your way out of your own negative thoughts – I do this daily

You deserve to wake up and feel incredible.  Much of the time you wallk around with stories and habits that no longer serve you.

Own your Story

Be careful this one.  Do not use old “stories and wounds” as a badge of honour because it will keep you stuck.  Own your story of failures, mess ups and all of the things that have hurt you in your life.  Own them.  They happened.  You will not allow them to have power over you.
  • Night time comes you surf on your phone, watching Netflix, eating and drinking your feelings, no time for the gym, etc.
  • Do you have relationships that don’t support you?
  • Time to put those relationships on pause for the moment.
  • Your story has the power to inspire you and others.
  • Let go of old beliefs and emotions.
  • What happened in the past should stay there.  Move forward now.

I am a child of trauma and I carried that story for a long time.  This story held me back in fear for years.  Once you own your story, you can change habits and beliefs that no longer serve you.  There is no shame in owning your mistakes, fears and stories.  Owning it will give you power.

Create Better Habits

If you need a laid out super simple plan try my 10 Day Lean and Clean.  I coach you through three simple things you can to do every day to create better habits.  Check it out here.


Trina’s Final Tidbits:

My 10 Day Lean and Clean is a fabulous place to start if you want workouts, recipes and little mini tasks to do daily to kickstart your journey.  Check it out here.

Thanks for making it to the end.

Trina Medves xo

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