Holiday weight gain is common but completely avoidable. Between Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and New Years our weight climbs and clothes get tighter. My live video training focused on the three R’s to help stop the weight gain today.  Finally the year that you do not gain holiday weight.  Dive in with me below. Get notified of my Live Sessions here.

Holiday Weight Gain no thank you!

There are two reasons why we gain weight which can be boiled down to procrastination and stress.

#1 Procrastination “Too Busy to Workout”

You put it off and decide to start on Monday.  Start now. Start tomorrow. We procrastinate everything because we are busy shopping, visiting family, skipping workouts and you make yourself feel better by eating up all the treats, holiday food and alcohol.  It gives a temporary fix and mood boost.

  1. Move your body come to free in studio classes
  2. Do this Online Workout *it also works well if you are travelling during the holidays

#2 Stress Creates Fat

Stress is high during any holiday and causes holiday weight gain that goes right to your abdomen.  Imagine every time you stress I’m giving you a fat injection.  Stress is unavoidable but controllable.  Do you want fat injections every time you stress out? Yikes!  I could be getting lots of fat injections from stress but instead I incorporate my three “R system”.

Three R’s to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

#1 Recognize Resistance

Pay attention to your stress during the holidays, in a medical crisis, injury, family emotions, anxiety, depression and in every situation.  How are you feeling today?  What emotions are coming up?  Sit with it, notice and go in another direction than resisting it.  Feel it to heal it.

#2 Risks

Start to identify your behaviour patterns.

  • What’s at stake if you continue on the path you are on right now and do nothing about it?
  • What is the risk if you don’t schedule or skip workouts?
  • How will you look and feel if you continue to skip workouts, eat sugar, drink wine, alcohol and let it all go out the window?
  • Not on track?  Make a change.

#3 Reward:  

What is the reward if you do what needs to be done.  Turn down the wine, treats and sugar?  How about if you do not gain any weight during the holidays and you actually lose weight?  What is the pay off?
  • Imagine 14 days from now, you commit to workouts, drink less alcohol and cut your sugar even just one day.  What is the payoff and reward of that?
  • I guarantee you will have more energy, lose weight, sleep better, increase your mood, confidence and so much more.

Two Take Action Tidbits

  1. Schedule 3 workouts minimum until the end of the year between 10-20 minutes
  2. Reduce sugar and alcohol *notice I didn’t say remove?

Try both for 14 days and see how much less bloated you are and how much better you feel.  Yes it’s hard but if you stick to it, you will not gain weight and you might even lose weight.  Try my 10 Day Lean and Clean.


Once you implement these two tidbits, you are heading back up to the three R’s to see what gets you stuck. Recognize what is holding you back.  What is the risk if you don’t workout? If you don’t cut the sugar and alcohol what will happen?  What is the reward if I do what Trina says?

Think about the reward if you came to Fit4Females free classes for 2 weeks, you would get stronger, healthier, mood improves, weight and fat loss starts.

More Tidbits for You

I drink these when I want to get off sugar *click here Read this “How to Change Habits and Triggers 

In Conclusion

Holiday weight gain has nothing on you.  Make a plan of attack and follow me all over social media so I can help you stay accountable.  I try and answer all of my emails and direct messages.  I want to hear from you champ.  You’ve got this!

xo Trina Medves

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