Did you know that every Thursday I release Trina’s Transformation Tidbits which is my best tips and video footage of the week to help improve your life?  Food is Fuel, but is your relationship with food healthy?  I have a freebie for you this week, you can download it here. This week I’m reminding you that Food is Fuel.  We went to the Toronto Raptors game with my family and the food options aren’t the best at the Air Canada Centre.  My commitment to healthy eating is important for many reasons so I skipped the pizza and popcorn so I don’t get bloated and cranky.  Check out the video to see what I ordered to stay on “Food is Fuel” track.   Time to create a better relationship with your food.


food-is-fuel-food-iconFood is Fuel | Foodie Fitness

Get rid of the unhealthy relationship that you attach to food and start thinking of Food as Fuel.  Imagine your food as an anti-aging pill and the best mix of ingredients that you can gather from the earth to put into your body.  When making choices, ask yourself if the food is good for your skin, cells and your moods.  It is going to help or hinder?  80% of the time the answer should be “yes it’s good for me”.  The other 20% can be in the “other category” and don’t stress.

Trainer Tip:  It’s good for your metabolism to give into temptations every now and again.  It confuses your system and makes it work more efficiently.

Greens, nuts, seeds and lean proteins daily should make up the majority of your grocery cart, fridge and cupboards.  You are not a DOG!  Don’t think of your food as a reward or the “I deserve it” mentality.  The moment you let go of the “I can’t eat that” or “this is a bad food” conversation, you will be happy.  Replace your thoughts with “Food is Fuel” and energy for your body.  Repeat daily.

Download my Eating Clean while Dining Out [FREEBIE] which comes complete with a Food Swap list  


Food is Fuel Rules 

Drink 1 glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume.  Replace alcohol with kombucha or Perrier / San Pellegrino in a fancy wine glass.   Skip the heavy carbs and go for lean protein and veggies always when consuming alcohol.   

80% of the time Eat 

  • Lots of Greens
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Lean proteins
  • Non animal protein options
  • Eat foods that come from the earth
  • Don’t eat from a box
  • Natural fruit sources
  • Lots of water daily

20% of the time Indulge

  • Great quality desserts
  • High quality chips
  • Dark chocolate
  • Alcohol within limits with 1 glass of water per drink
  • Dinner out 
  • Whatever else you feel is a “treat”

Download my Eating Clean while Dining Out [FREEBIE] which comes complete with a Food Swap list  

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