Meal planning can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be with my Quick Fix Mason Jar Salad.   Just KISS – Keep it super simple.  I saw a post on Facebook that said “Fruit makes you fat, smoothies make you fat, etc”.  The reality is, anything will make you gain weight if you consume too much or it’s not right for your body.  Moderation and portion control are key.  Eat foods from the earth, not processed in their most natural state and be aware of how much you are eating.  Pay attention when you are full and don’t bring the junk into your house if you have no self control.  I love prepared salads and especially anything in a mason jar.  Try this Quick Fix Mason Jar Salad recipe, they store nicely.


Quick Fix Mason Jar Salad

Like you, my days are busy with administration work, appointments, kids, trying to fit in a workout and not a lot of time for meal prep or healthy eating unless I prepare the night before.  Plan your schedule in advance and review it because there are always unexpected things along the way.  This basic Quick Fix Mason Jar Salad took hardly any time and I used up everything that I could find in the fridge.

You could get crazy and make a whole bunch in a day because they stay fresh, just be sure to keep the dressing on the bottom, the heavy stuff layered and the light stuff like lettuce on the top.  Not only are they healthy but they are so pretty and tempting to eat.

What You Need Quick Fix Mason Jar Salad

1 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold PressedMason-Jar-Salad

2 tbsp of Balsamic Vinegar or Apple cider vinegar – any vinegar will do

Fresh Ground Pepper

3/4 cup of Unsalted Chick Peas

Sweet Onion to taste

1/2 cucumber diced

5 Black Olives (we love them, omit if you don’t)

1/2 cubed carrot

1 Strawberry

3 Broccoli Heads

2 Tbsp Hemp Seeds

1 Whole Beet

Layer in order as listed above in a Mason Jar and refrigerate.  Enjoy~  It’s so pretty I wanted to eat it tonight.

Do you have a favourite Mason Jar recipe you would like to share with us?  We would love to hear about it and feature it on our Blog.  Leave your comments below.

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Thanks for reading, Trina Medves xo

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