Forget the diet.  You can exercise all you want but if you are under constant stress, your body is pumping out the hormone cortisol and you are storing excess body fat which heads straight to your waist line.  My Tidbits this week are two tips to control your belly fat, a look inside our Women’s Only Boot Camp and Stroller Fitness classes, how to stop comparing yourself to others and be more confident.  If you like what you read and want more tips, jump inside my private Facebook Group here.  You can also catch me on Instagram stories daily and Facebook too.

Forget-the-Diet-Fit-Mind-TTT-Mindset-Thoughts-IconForget the Diet, try this | Trina’s Transformation Tidbits 

My mindset is being heavily tested right now.   Training your thoughts and mindset is what will help you through stress, weight loss, life and health.  You can diet and exercise all you want but if you don’t have your stress under control,  your belly is growing by the minute.  Question:  The next time you get stressed, do you want to increase your belly fat? UM no thanks!  Try this instead:

Tidbit #1:  Control your Reaction 

  • Control your reaction to the stress *stress causes an increase in the hormone cortisol and too much all the time leads to excess belly fat
  • Controlling your stress means: controlling your thoughts, mindset and reaction to the situation
  • Think of your reaction as a fat reduction diet
  • Pause and take a breath

Tidbit #2:  Feel it so you can heal it!

  • Own the situation, this is the hardest thing but just be in it
  • Acknowledge your feelings instead of drinking them, eating them or burying them deep into your body
  • Ask yourself how you really want to react to the situation and DO IT
  • Practice, practice, practice letting it go!

Get your mindset right so your body will be tight and feel it so you can heal it


Meet Kerry | Stroller Fitness and 28 Day Shape Up Member

Kerry is a busy Mom who attends Stroller Fitness regularly and signed up for the Fit4Females Online 28 Day Shape Up challenge.  Not all transformation have to be an awesome before and after photo.  We loved Kerry’s quote:  “To be committed and also to adapt… that flexibility doesn’t have to equal lack of commitment…. work it out and keep going!” – Kerry, those are some powerful words.


Fitness-Icon-tidbitsA look Inside Stroller Fitness and Women’s Only Boot Camp Classes 

Here is a peek inside our Women’s Only Boot Camp and Stroller Fitness classes.  Try a free class.  We offer Women’s Only Programs that specialize in weight loss, strength, restoring your core, pelvic floor dysfunction and quite frankly in all things women related.  We talk about EVERYTHING.

Mom and Baby Stroller Fitness at Fit4Females is the place to be to lose the baby weight, get your sanity back, restore your core and pelvic floor. We address abdominal separation, Mummy Tummy and peeing your pants.  Do it safely with a group of moms at Stroller Fitness. We are leading Post Natal Experts and Hamilton’s #1 Women’s Only Fitness Club.

Stroller Fitness Mom and Baby Classes

Read this: It’s not OK to Pee Your Pants and Why do I still have Mummy Tummy:

Women’s Only Boot Camp Fitness Classes 

Fitness-Icon-tidbitsMy Secret to Being Confident and Keeping it all together

I get asked all of the time “Trina how do you keep it all together and stay positive?”  My secret… Be authentic, be you all of the time and own your hot mess.  I show up exactly the same in my business as I do in my personal life.  I am far from perfect and so are you so stop suffering from “comparisonitis”.  Be you, never try to follow someone else, just do you.  Own every insecurity, every fault and make it a positive.  Show up as you because it’s exhausting being anyone else.

My Top 3 Tidbits

    • Keep your mindset right
    • Be 100% authentic
    • Find people that absolutely love the real you because it’s super liberating

In Case You Missed it!

I love celebrating our Member Success because big or small it motivates us all to do better.

Meal plans, workouts and more with our Online 28 Day Shape Up challenge

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Trina xo

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