Travelling can get crazy sometimes.  My husband and I conquered our first family road trip over March break with our 3 kids.  Between packing clothes, organizing the Fit Travelling food, water bottles, our bulky Canadian snow gear, my complaints of sitting too long in the car due to my previous HIP surgery and anxieties of hopping from city to city and hotel to hotel, I was exhausted before I left.

Locating food pit stops is fairly easy but finding healthy food is almost impossible.  I pack my own snacks and food whenever possible so I don’t feel bloated.  Trina’s’ Transformation Tidbits this week is a FREEBIE, tips for getting lean and fit with sleep, nutrition, workouts and an awesome insight if you are stressed about your weight.

Travelling | Stay Healthy and Fit On the Road Download this

You don’t have to leave the house to practice these tips, try incorporating them at home.  We packed food for the car, I brought my laptop so I wouldn’t complain about my husband’s driving (I’m the worst back seat driver!) and all of the essentials to stay healthy.

Watch the video below for my Fit Traveller must have snacks in the car for you and your kids, my workout with my sexy husband and my Fit Travel Essentials so you can sleep when not in your bed.  We arrived in Ottawa after a 6 hour drive and we hit the gym with a quickie workout.  If you don’t have a gym, try my Fit Traveller Workouts with no equipment required.   This is the Broccoli salad in the video if you want the recipe.

Trina’s Travelling Trip Tips

  • Stick to your routine as much as possible
  • Walk lots and use the outdoors for fitness *while visiting museums and the parliament building in Ottawa and Montreal, we used the outdoors for side shuffles, stair climbs, TONS of walking and hill climbs when we found them *we made the kids run up too
  • No excuses *we had 45 minutes before our dinner reservations so we forced ourselves to a 20-30 min workout with a warm up, 20 minute crusher and stretch.  It left me 17 minutes to shower and beautify myself.  Make it happen!

Download this FREE Stuff which includes 

  1. Top Nutrition, Sleep and Fitness tips to be a Fit Traveller 
  2. Two body weight workouts, no equipment required, download here
  3. Healthy Eating on the Go Guide that you will want
  4. Trainer Tip:  Bring your OWN pillow case so your brain can register your scent and you will sleep better.  Add that to the list.

Are you Stressed about your Weight?  

We stopped at the Montreal Science Centre and guess what ladies?  If you are struggling your weight and constantly on the scale remind yourself of this:

  • Female average skeletal muscles and the skeleton is 75.9 pounds which is needed just for survival *don’t stress about the scale
  • You could be carrying extra water weight and in your bowels *6 meters of intestines in your body
  • Intestinal health:  important to reduce toxins, healthy weight management and bloating
  • Are you drinking enough water to clear your bowels?

Meet Sharon | Transformation

Losing yourself after having a baby.  Sharon Says:

 “Since the birth of my daughter I have struggled with exercise and even laughing because I would and ultimately was afraid that I would pee myself.

 “I found it easier to just avoid exercise and allowed myself to believe this is part of my new identity.

 Since having kids, my life has become only about them and I have let myself be pushed to the side.

 My personal identity has been lost and I only see myself as mom!

 I joined the Fit4Females 28 Day Shape Up Challenge to do something for myself. To push myself to begin to find myself again.”

Read her story here 



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