Mom identity is exhausting, emotional and full of Mom guilt.  Teaching post natal fitness with postpartum moms is not like teaching other Fitness or Boot Camp classes.  Most moms lose their identity after having a baby.  Ladies, stop being so hard on yourself. 

A Few Symptoms of Mom Identity Crisis

  • You are exhausted
  • Unhappy with your body
  • Run down
  • Putting everyone else first
  • Trying to keep up with everything forgetting that you are now raising a tiny human
  • The list goes on

Fit4Females is  a safe place that allows moms and ANY woman to be their best for themselves and their families.  I coach my members about time management and the importance of taking care of themselves first.  Sharon shares her struggles and what works below.  Give Sharon a virtual high five leave a comment below.  Sharon lost 12 pounds and 9 inches in 28 days.

Sharon’s Motherhood Story

“I still find it hard to do things for myself.  So sitting to put my words down was a struggle.  Since completing the 28 Day Shape Up Challenge, I have let myself be pushed to the side again.  Maybe that is some of the reason I did not send this, I knew I would have to admit that, but I am ready now, so here it is.

Since having kids, my life has become only about them and I let myself be pushed to the side.  My personal identity has been lost and I only see myself as mom!  I joined the challenge to do something for myself and to find, love and take care of me again.  Since the birth of my daughter, I have struggled with exercise and even laughing because I would and ultimately was afraid that I would pee myself.  I found it easier to just avoid it and allowed myself to believe this is part of my new identity.

It’s Not Ok to Pee your Pants

For the first time in 10 months I was out with a friend and we began to talk about a Mom she works with.  The Mom had been swallowed up by “mom identity”.  She had totally let herself go; she never goes out anymore or brushes her hair.  I sat back and began to think, wow I have done the same thing.  So, I began to follow Trina again and it was when she came online and did a rant on peeing your pants that I knew it was time because I did not know myself anymore.

I was able to do the challenge because this time I had support.  This time my husband was there for me and we did it together.  I had great results, but I know that I have allowed myself to be pushed to the side again. The difference this time is that I know I am in there still and I know I can do it.

I have done the 28 Day Shape Up Challenge and the 8 week Express Fit Program.  I found the results better for the challenge since everything has been laid out.  After the challenge ended, I found it hard to stick to as I have not learned how to meal plan for myself and continue on.  Although the support was good in the 8 weeks it is almost as though there could be a bridge program.  Here is the meal plan.  Here is a program to teach you how to do it, then the 8 week Train with Trina Program to solidify it.”

Can you relate with Sharon? Push back and take action 

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