Trina’s Transformation Tidbits: I needed a workout cure because I was in a total B!TCH mood, unmotivated, grumpy, super exhausted and my husband kept asking “what’s up”.  The answer:  my mood was down because I was off my routine.  The solution was my calf and core workout and my chocolate mint smoothie.  I’m dishing out lots of free transformation tips on my Instagram and Facebook account but I’ve got you covered with my most popular videos and posts. 

Chocolate Mint Smoothie | Calf Workout with a Friend

I’m giving out a FREE download, worksheet and video for you.  Grab it here and start your workout.  As busy Moms, we had 6 kids in tow and we needed a break so I tested the FREE Calf and Core Quickie Workout on Erika.  This is what we looked like after just 10 minutes.  Our Post workout snack was the Fit4Females Chocolate Banana Smoothie *I added doTERRA peppermint drops.  Lots of fun in this video right here.

I was a B!TCH so I did this 10 Minute Calf and Core Quickie

When you feel down about your body or life, it can turn your mood upside down.  Here is a way to lift your spirits and the importance of those sexy calf muscles.  Read more here.

What to do when you are a total B!TCH! 

Today was a bad day. I was really down and out. Some days you are up and other days you feel awful. I was moody, short, impatient and feeling like absolute crap.  Let’s be honest I was feeling like a total B!TCH. My cure: 


 Recognize your bad mood
 Step away temporarily from people
 Don’t beat yourself up
 Stop being so hard on yourself
Get in workout clothes
 HIIT a short workout
Plank, squat, lift, walk, slip and do what you need you do
Hormones can be off balance and there is nothing wrong with a bad mood. Workouts are my cure and I’m feeling my healthy workout glow. #fit4females

Trina Talks | Meditation ME Time

You time is critical.  Grab a mat and try this simple position to get you relaxed.  Meditation doesn’t have to be hokey pokey.  Keep it simple. Click here if you want the full Wake Up and Stretch Routine and join the FREE Group.

What do you want help with?

Are you loving what I’m dishing out.  Comment below with your biggest struggle and I will answer it on video with tips.  Follow me on Instagram @trinamedves.  The recap is good…but really Instagram Stories is where all the fun tidbits happens!

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