Time to ramp up your sexy legs and ABS with this Calf and Core Quickie Workout video.  It’s a 10 minute challenge with no equipment necessary.  If you want to ramp it up, grab a set of dumbbells.   This workout video will target calves, legs and ABS.  No more excuses because this is only a 10 minute challenge so let’s get started.  Get your free Download below.  Try this workout at home, at the gym, on the road or while travelling or camping.

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  • Bonus:  Nutrition challenge
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Calf Muscles |  Gastrocnemius and Soleus

The calves consist of two muscles and there is nothing sexier than developed calf muscles to finish off your leg.  To all the ladies, they look really sexy when wearing shorts, a skirt, dress or some fancy shoes.  As a Trainer, I find that we often over look training the calf muscles.  We regularly train squats for legs, deadlifts for the hamstrings and glutes, AB exercises for our six pack and we train our arms with all types of curls, pull downs and presses but we forget about our calves.

The beautiful heart shaped gastrocnemius (which I love), makes up the bulk of your calf.  Beneath it is the soleus.  The calf muscles are important for pumping circulation, walking, running, jumping and it’s important that they are both strong and flexible.

Training and Stretching the Calf Muscles

The most common way to train the calves is basic up and down movements.  For example, lifting your heels and pressing up to the balls of your feet.  This can be done sitting or standing in different variations and tempo.

Flexibility of your calves is extremely important to avoid injury.  The most popular stretch it to stand about 3 feet away from a wall while keeping one leg completely straight (soft bend in the knee of the straight leg).   Step forward with the opposite leg and bend the knee.  Place your hands on the wall for support.  Gently lean into the wall and slowly stretch the calf muscle of the straight leg.   Relax and breath into the stretch.  Aim for about 20-to 40 seconds depending on how it feels.  Repeat on the other leg.

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