Time to get Lean and Clean!.  Don’t make these New Year’s mistakes, instead, start right now and take one small step towards your resolution goal.  The Holidays are a great time to reconnect and indulge.  It’s the aftermath of continuing the binge eating and drinking that makes us gain weight.  It’s ok to have cheat days but you have to be disciplined to getting back on track.  Join us for our 10 Days to Lean and Clean Challenge  to avoid the New Year’s Resolution mistakes we make.

Don’t Make this New Year’s Resolution Mistake

❌ Don’t make the mistake of putting so much pressure on yourself that your goal is impossible to achieve.
❌ Don’t make anything completely off limits, moderation is key!
❌ Don’t keep the holiday eating and drinking going, time to lay off.
❌ Don’t do the same thing you always do, create change!
✔️ DO reduce and replace the habit or food with a better choice.
✔️ DO make better choices to achieve your LEAN AND CLEAN goal!
✔️ DO write 3 things down that you want to achieve in the next 10 Days
✔️ DO my 10 Days to Lean and Clean Challenge

Meet Jennifer: 3 inches lost in 12 Days

Jennifer-Bucknall-Testimonial-12 Days-new-year's-resolutionJennifer committed to our FREE 12 Days of Christmas and 4 minute Live Tabata workouts and in 12 days she lost 3 inches.  Stay accountable from near or far.   I launched the 10 Days to Lean and Clean Challenge and if you want the goodies be sure to sign up here.  You have until December 31 at 11:59pm 10 Days to Lean and Clean Challenge.

Let’s keep each other accountable.  I’m in and I hope you are too..

Please do THIS before we start!

  1. Sign up for the 10 Day Lean and Clean Challenge here
  2. Like our Facebook Fan Page here
  3. Join the Talk with Trina Accountability Group here
  4. Copy this and drop me a hashtag “I’m in 10 Days to Lean and Clean #Fit4Females”
  5. Mark your calendar and get started!


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