We are so grateful for winning the 2021 Hamilton Spectator Readers’ Choice awards.  We won five awards and 10 in the Hamilton Community News. Thanks to you, our supportive members, dedicated followers and an incredible Team, we did it! We could not do this without you. Please spread the word to your friends about Fit4Females.


10 in the Hamilton Community News We are #1

2021 Hamilton Spectator Readers’ Choice Awards

2nd Place Platinum Awards for Best

Boot Camp

Weight Control Services


Trina Medves, Best Life Coach 


On a personal note, I almost died on April 10, 2021, read more here.  I am so grateful and fired up to remind you that life is short.  Make yourself a priority.  Move your body.  Hire a coach or trainer to help you reach your goals.  Most importantly, do something every single day that is just for you and gives you joy. xo Trina Medves

3rd Place Gold Award

Best Fitness Club


The Pandemic Tried to Break Us

Since March 14, 2020, we have been running Live Online Women’s Only Fitness classes.  We needed you and you needed us.  We are so grateful to been able to keep running Fit4Females at a time when people needed it the most.
Without you, we have not business.
I got here because of my Team, Members, family, friends and my dedication to the ups and down, constructive criticism and my deep desire to always learn and do better.  It’s quite hard for me to “share and brag” about my wins.  It’s not in my DNA but this is huge, I’m happiest for Whitney and Shivaun, new wins or them and well deserved.

2021 Readers’ Choice Awards, we rocked it

Can’t wait until we are together in person again


Mentors Help Make it Happen

Thank you to every single mentor, leader and person that I have learned from in my 23 years of Training, Coaching and Leading.   I got here because of people before me, my Team and my passion to remind women to make themselves a top priority. I’ve learned from the best and it allows me to mentor an incredible team.
I asked a bunch of ladies what we do best and the biggest commonality was “you empower us physically, emotionally and mentally to put ourselves first”.

Fit4Females Community Rocks


Thank You!

Huge thanks to everyone who voted for us, shows up to our classes daily, spend time and money on themselves and believes in what we promote at Fit4Females. We stay in business because of YOU!  Fit4Females puts food on the table, this is my full time job.

We are the little fish in a big sea.  We do not own a facility, we do not have a huge schedule or tons of members or Trainers like other gyms in our area but we do have a dedication, connection and full commitment to each one of our member.

There are thousands of Fitness Programs that you could choose so thank you for choosing us.

We share these awards with all of you and my incredible team!

xo Trina Medves and my entire Team

Our Fit4Females Community

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