This Tabata Leg workout will get your heart pumping and energy flowing. Plus a shoulder and cardio workout and a quickie tidbit to rock your day right. Follow me here to find out when I go live with fitness, food and wellness tidbits.  Stop saying you will lose weight or start tomorrow.  Now is the time.  Turn on your tunes and do this workout with me.

tacos-quinoa-recipe-iconTabata Leg Workout 

I went live on Facebook with a quick Tabata workout.  The only thing you need is your body as the machine and water.  Let’s warm up, do one round of Tabata, two exercises and a quick motivational cool down. Comment below do you prefer working arms or legs?

butts-gutts-iconShoulder and Cardio two move Workout 

Here is a quickie Shoulder and Cardio two move workout for later.  It’s a great shoulder burn too.  Grab all of my free workouts here.   Be sure to warm up first.  This would be great to do after your Tabata workout above.

  1. 50 skips or run on the spot
  2. 12 x lateral shoulder raises *use light dumbbells or bottles/cans at home

tabata-leg-workoutLosing Weight with Workouts

If you have trouble being consistent with workouts, follow the tidbits below and you WILL succeed.  This is what I do daily with more than just fitness. It’s the only way I can manage 3 kids, a marriage, a business and my personal goals of being healthy and fit.

  1. Lay your workout clothes out the night before, read about my morning routine here
  2. Fill up your water bottle
  3. Schedule your workout with a time and place in the calendar
  4. Actually do it!  That’s the hardest part go and take action
  5. Read more here.

banana-muffins-food-is-fuel-food-iconStart today not tomorrow

No matter your struggles or failures, come back to gratitude and simply start over.  This video is something Commit daily to set your mind and body right.  It’s a quick tidbit to instantly change your mood.  Depression and gratitude cannot co-exist together.  Give it a try.

Start today. Do NOT wait for resolutions, tomorrow or Monday. Start simple with this:

Hydrate. Move. Gratitude. Fuel your body.

What do you want to start doing? Tell me below champ!  Hit the Tabata Leg workout and practice 1 minute of gratitude in your cool down.

Trina Medves xo

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