Try this Hotel Workout!  In fact I have two that you can do in 12 minutes or less!  This was a crazy week for Trina’s Transformation Tidbits.  Grab my Fit Traveller Workouts.   I am also dishing out my hotel robe video chat, getting my butt kicked at canfitpro and some crazy behind the scenes.  During my four day hotel stay,  I really struggled with sleep.  One tip that I picked up from an expert that I will add to my Fit Traveller Guide is to bring my pillow case next trip.    The big action happens on Instagram and Facebook but here is a great recap for you.  

Hotel Workout:  Two Fit Traveller Workouts FREE DOWNLOAD

Fit Traveller Workouts #1 and #2

I have two great workouts this week that are body weight and only require you as the machine and 10 to 12 minutes of your time.  They are complete with an instructional video and a description of how to do each of the exercises.  I also wrote a Blog about some of my quickie Fit Traveller tips.  Read more here.


Trina Talks: I’m a canfitpro Presenter | My Date with my Husband

For the time ever, I was an official Presenter at the canfitpro world fitness expo for the sold out Women Who Influence Event.  I picked up my badge and my husband took me on a date.  So excited to celebrate this huge event.

canfitpro Crazy Travels | Jully Black | My Blender

Most of our Team headed out to the canfitpro world fitness expo to enhance our skills.  Here is a sneak peek at some inspiration with Canadian Icon Singer Jully Black and Tony Horton on stage.  There is a TON of energy in this room.  Surely you want to check out the amazing fitness chaos and my booty shaking dance moves!

Trina Talks: Hotel Room Robe Chat

Getting personal in my hotel robe wind down video chat about my Fit Traveller Tips.  I packed my food in a cooler, my Vitamix, my favourite eye mask and all of my essentials.   You can get a complete list of how I deal with Fitness, Nutrition and Sleep while travelling here.

Trina Talks: A reminder to be grateful and thankful

Don’t forget to be grateful and say thank you to people, it goes a long way.  Sometimes we get so busy we forget.  Smile on the streets, thank the person who made your coffee and make someone’s day.

Getting my Butt Kicked with SGT Ken at canfitpro

In case you want to watch the Trainer get tortured.  We did commando bear crawls, lateral jumps, sprints, pushups, AB ups, long jump, burpees with whatever cards you picked and more.  Hundreds of Fitness Professionals getting our butts kicked by the real life Staff Sergeant Ken!  Beware, there is lots of sweat!

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