Hey there F4F Fit Traveller!  I have a freebie Fit Traveller Guide for you this week.  Inside the Fit Traveller Guide are my top tips for fitness, nutrition and sleep while on the go.  I also included a total body weight workout with an instructional video and a description of how to do each of the exercises.  This is Part one of two workouts which focuses on legs, triceps and core.  Find Part two here

Fit Traveller Guide Part One DOWNLOAD HERE

Travelling does not have to derail your health or weight loss efforts.  It’s all about being prepared and having a strategic plan that will allow you to eat out, sleep and workout while on the road.  Make sure to grab the free Guide for all of my Fit Traveller Tips with your fitness, nutrition, sleep routine and my Chocolate Coconut Protein Balls recipe.  Here are a few tips at a glance: 

Trina Talks: Fit Traveller Tips, Fitness, Nutrition and Sleep

  • Avoid the mini bar, take out and pit stops by packing and prepping ahead of time
  • Call the hotel in advance, and ask for a mini fridge in your room
  • Travel with my Chocolate Coconut Protein Balls *recipe included in the guide
  • Use recyclable containers so you don’t have to return home with extra stuff
  • Fill up a thermos or insulated container with dairy free milk for coffee/protein shakes
  • Probiotics and all natural oils
  • Download the Fit Traveller Guide Part One here 
  • A great addition to the Fit Traveller: Download my 10 Tips to Keeping it Together while busy on the road and 4 Recipes that travel well here Free Eating on the Go Guide.

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