My transformation results in 10 weeks are unbelievable.  I went from feeling horrible to bursting with energy by flooding my body with whole plant based foods. This transformation is about health and healing from terrible symptoms from the inside out. I have a rare, incurable and aggressive disease . These are my 10 week results using whole food therapy here .  Ask me any questions and how to get kids free here.  Stay accountable with me, click here.


Bloated, Exhausted and run down to feeling incredible

Before: Trina 10 weeks ago

A cocktail of very damaging but necessary pharmaceuticals, heart damage, a pacemaker and ICD to save my life! Way more but that’s the short version. I was really suffering and at my lowest point.  I was offered pharmaceuticals by my doctor to “help” the problem.  “No thanks” and instead I found an alternative solution that helped more than I ever imagined.

From June to September my body was a mess with so many symptoms including:


  • My stomach was a mess, pain, bloating, just awful (an endoscopy and ultrasound was requested)
  • Super itchy body rashes (see photos)
  • Hair loss
  • Sleep problems
  • Low energy so exhausted
  • Mood swings
  • Headaches
  • Bowels were changing
  • Body aches, sore joints
  • Brain fog *I thought I had ADD because I seriously couldn’t focus
  • Is this menopause?
  • No energy for workouts
  • Sore after basic workouts
  • Serious sugar cravings
  • Was at the end of my rope feeling so defeated
  • I was ready to quit my business because I felt so awful

Fast Forward Desperate Trina


August 2022, I attended my health and fitness conference and met a Nutritionist discussing Gut Health and our Immune system.  Just the information I needed.   Late August 2022, I started on Whole Food Nutrition therapy. It’s helped me SO MUCH that I partnered with the company because they heal your body from the inside out and invest in kids FREE! Ask me how you can get your kids free here.
  • I’m an ingredient snob preferring organic
  • Non sprayed
  • No chemicals
  • Non-gmo
  • Gluten and dairy free
  • Plant based chemical free kind of gal.
  • I don’t take anything I wouldn’t give to my kids.

23 years in the business and I finally found something I love.  

The Boxes I needed checked (these should be yours too!)
  • Clean (third party testing that the products contained no contaminates)
  • Natural (natural ingredients our body would recognize and easily absorbed)
  • Safe (no contraindications with medications or medical treatments)
  • Safe for the entire family (no toxicity concerns if over-consumed)
  • Proven (double blind, placebo controlled studies proving benefits in humans with use)

After Trina: My Transformation Results NO filter at all!

This is me now: No diets pills or calorie counting just whole foods.


  • My bloodwork improved for the 1st time since April 2019 (medications damage our body) in 3+ years
  • One tired day in 63 days (b/c I slept poorly) ONE!
  • My ENERGY is through the roof!
  • Bloating gone!
  • More productive and focused than ever before
  • Rashes gone!
  • No sugar cravings!
  • I feel like I’m 20 years old!
  • Joint pain gone!
  • My doctors “whatever you are doing keep it up!”
  • How did I not hear about these super food before?

These are my transformation results, my clients have lots too

  • Don’t accept anything less than feeling amazing.
  • Whether or not you have a rare disease like me you CAN AND SHOULD feel better. xoxoxox
  • Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!
  • Trina version 4.0 is BACK with a vengeance to help you feel your damn best.
I am currently helping people heal, lose body fat and win in their body.  Contact me here if you want to find out how to get a discount get started in your own healthy Transformation. My 10 Day Shredders are getting amazing results.  Full accountability and results 10x with accountability.

In Conclusion

There is a better way.  You can heal especially with whole functional foods.  Just ask me how.  It wasn’t hard, in fact is was very easy. Check out my 10 Day Shred Program anytime to help with accountability.  Need accountability with workouts?  Sign up for a FREE class.

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Thanks for reading xo

Trina Medves


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