Happy Monday!  Julie is one of our Members that does not like to be in pictures in fact she said she really “hates” the camera.  I told her to take more photos and start appreciating herself. I love when we can take a small step and appreciate ourselves.  Anyone else hiding from the camera? Say hello to Julie, she is beautiful! Start appreciating YOU!

Julie Luff, Detailed Image

Let’s Celebrate Julie Luff for our Member Spotlight

F4F: How do you stay committed in a busy schedule?

Julie:  We are all busy and it’s easy to put everything else ahead of ourselves.  I know that if I’m ever going to see positive changes both physically and mentally I need to put myself first and make the time to exercise.  I am better for it and I can be a better mom to my baby boy for it too!

F4F:  What makes you keep coming back to Fit4Females?

Julie:  Being surrounded by other busy moms and women with a commitment to their fitness goals makes for such a fun and positive environment.  It’s more than just a fitness class as you have an opportunity to network with other moms.

F4F: Any uplifting and encouraging advice to give to our Members?

Julie:  Whether you’re a new mom like me or looking for a change in your current routine, Fit4Females has classes designed with all levels of fitness and participation in mind.

F4F:  What was the best part of your session?

Julie:  After not being able to exercise for almost a year due to complications with my pregnancy, I was pretty hard on myself considering the decrease in my fitness level.   After every class at F4F I was getting stronger and felt such a sense of accomplishment.  I’m really looking forward to continuing this journey in the next session.  Burpees? Bring em’ on!

It’s Time for YOU!

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Yours in health, fitness and nutrition,

Trina Medves

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