I can tell you how amazing my Online Programs are but hearing it from Members like Mary validate the life transformations I have to offer!   I believe in empowering women to change their body from the inside out.  If you feel stuck, I have solutions for you and I am here when you need me.  Have you ever felt so down and lost you were avoiding people?  This member story is heart wrenching.  Meet Mary: from Anxiety and Stress to Confidence and Beauty..

Mary’s Train with Trina Success Story!

Meet Mary: from Anxiety and Stress to Confidence and Beauty..

I was not feeling happy about myself, the choices I was making in my eating habits, the lack of fitness occurring in my daily life!  I was stuck in a rut!

I was off work for medical reasons feeling a lot of stress, anxiety, and dealing with the tragic loss of my younger brother (11 years).   And having to make some life changing decisions in my career to currently fit my family life dynamics for today.  I led myself to a state of frustration, confusion, lack of self -esteem and confidence in myself.  I wasn’t feeling strong like I use to in more than one area of my life.  I feel like I lost all control of myself and the person I really am! (Strong, happy, quick at making decisions, confident, balanced…)

I wanted to be happy, strong and healthy again for myself, my family and friends!  I needed to find a way to find a balance in my life without getting anxious and overwhelmed in making those decisions.

Train with Trina Changed me!

The coaching and unique and personalized design of this program has helped me regain this sense of balance and feeling of happiness and strength!  It has retrained my brain on how to get the balance I want and need in my life!  It is definitely hard work and having a positive mind to do it is key!  Although, at the time of joining Train with Trina, my positive mindset did not seem to be that strong because of everything I was going through, it was TWT that helped me dig deep to find my positivity again, and feel that positivity as she coached, trained, taught, motivated and inspired us all to believe in ourselves!  

This program has changed the way I think to help me better cope with the things in my life; to gain a balance in areas such as my fitness, nutrition, wellness, and prioritizing and learning to let go a bit without feeling guilty! “Taking care of the best project-Me!!”

Lastly, I joined to lose a few pounds and the reason I have left this last to speak about was because the weight loss was the cherry on top of the ice-cream.  It was all of the above that had to come first in order for me to get myself into thinking about taking care of myself – (fitness and nutrition wise!)

Losing weight was a bonus

I needed to regain a positive mindset and motivation to get back on track!  So the weight loss was a bonus and I feel great! I lost 14 pounds with the program and managed to lose 8 more pounds after that!  I hope to hang on to this strong, positive mindset I have right now to continue my fitness, nutrition and wellness journey.  And, if I can shed a few more pounds along the way, yay for me!  However, just continuing with believing in myself, staying positive and strong, and taking the time to care for myself is what is most important to me now!


Trina there are not enough words to express my gratitude and how I feel now, from the day I started your program.  I was not able to even speak to anyone without crying, that is how much hurt I had in me!  So thank you for your support, compassion and catching me when you did!”

The program is designed in such a way that is realistic and do-able!  From easy, quick recipes to short workouts that truly make you feel strong!  (The workouts, like Trina always said, are quick and do-able with children, because that use to be my excuse all the time that I am so busy and have children.)  Well I still have children and I still run a pretty busy schedule but with Trina’s program I have learned to let go of a few things that are less important, create and set goals for myself and write down my to do list, and try to stick to it!  I have also learned to look ahead at my week and schedule my workouts so they actually happen and plan all my meals and snacks the day before.  These are all things I did while doing TWT and it worked!

Train with Trina works because it is run by the right Professional (Trina Medves)!  It is very focused, and kept me on the right track, with just the right tools, knowledge, and information to do it!

I have the solutions for you!

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