Bloating, bad habits and feeling awful in your clothes is why so many women join our Programs and the 28 Day Shape Up Challenge.  Charmaine’s bad habit was POP.  She did not have a ton of weight to lose when she joined my 28 Day Shape Up Challenge.  I can’t tell you enough that it’s not just about the weight loss.  Bad nutrition habits damage your insides, organs and cells.  We should worry more about what we can’t see.

Meet Charmaine | Addicted to Pop Transformation

Charmaine’s transformation was amazing and it had NOTHING to do with weight loss.   She reduced bloating, her skin looks better and this is how another member kicked her daily can of pop habit through the 28 Day Shape Up Challenge.  My 28 Day Shape Up Challenge addresses more than just weight loss, healthy eating and workouts.  It addresses the right foods to beat the belly bloat, feel better and ditch the extra fat.

Charmaine’s Transformation Story :  

“These pictures and results might not show a shocking weight or inches loss, but they are inspiring me to stay off the pop and  sugar.  I can’t believe the difference in belly bloat.  So happy to have done this again.  Thanks for your help and support.”

Nutrition: I kicked my daily can of pop habit- I genuinely never thought it would happen!  I now eat a healthy breakfast, snack and lunch each day.  Most days I eat a healthy supper too.  

Fitness: Scheduling workouts truly made a difference.  I have switched to morning workouts as well, something again I’ve never had success with.  

All around: I feel clarity in my head, my stomach doesn’t gurgle and it’s not bloated and I feel good about this far more consistent direction I’m heading in.”


Why did the Shape up Challenge work

It worked because number one- I was ready for it.  I was frustrated with seeing some results then losing them.  I was ready to make the commitment to all phases of living a healthy lifestyle.  With the meal plan and grocery lists, I couldn’t fail- all of the work had been done for me.  I have been interested in healthy eating for a long time, and have made some significant changes over the years, but I felt so good after following the meal plan each day, I was inspired to keep at it.  I’ve also worked out for many years, but always at a gym.  The workouts in the 28 Day Shape Up Challenge can easily be done at home with minimal equipment, making it easy to fit into anyone’s day.


Why you were able to incorporate this Challenge into your life?

The 28 Day Shape Up Challenge is so well organized that I don’t have to think.  With 4 kids, work, running the house and after school activities, I don’t always have the time or energy to sit and plan.  This challenge did it for me.  No time? No problem- everything is organized.  There’s minimal equipment to the work out sessions so there’s nothing to worry about there.  There were instructional videos for each so I could spend 5 minutes and see how it should be done.  Again, everything is arranged for you so it’s easy.

How did the 28 Day Shape Up change your life?

It’s changed my life in a number of ways.  Now I am conscious of what food choices I make,  I don’t just eat for the sake of eating.  I felt SO much better by reducing sugar (a HUGE challenge for someone like me with a killer sweet tooth) and eating non-processed foods.  During the day, truly no cravings for sugar or bread products (my two biggest challenges), and once I realized how good I could feel without eating those things, that has stuck with me.  

I really understand the impact of what I put in my body for my mood, energy and mental strength once I tried the meal plan ideas.  

Why did you join?

I was frustrated with how I felt physically and mentally.  After 4 kids, a groin tear that took 18 months to heal and a severe concussion that kept me from working out at all for 7 months and has kept me from doing a lot of things I previously enjoyed for almost two years.  I had times where I’d eat well but then fall into old habits.  Not being able to work out at all sent me into a depression. 

Once I was cleared to begin work outs again, I wasn’t able to return to the workout style I had previously loved.  And, I’ve gotten older.  Combine all of this and I wasn’t feeling like myself mentally or physically.  I wanted a kick start in eating and working out that would set me up for positive habits.  I still can’t do everything I’d like to do fitness wise, but the change in eating habits and the workouts provided in the 28 Day Shape Up Challenge got me going again.  

After the Challenge?

I have continued with the workouts and am scheduling them into my week.  Workouts are a priority and something to look forward to for myself in the chaos that is life.  I have continued to eat from the meal plan.  Meals are conscious decisions about what goes in to fuel my body.  I caught myself slipping into my Pepsi habit (cold and refreshing in the summer!) but because I am now thinking about what I choose to consume, I caught myself before it became part of my routine.  It’s the one thing I know I’ll struggle with, but after the 28 Day Shape Up Challenge, I know how much better I feel without it, and continue to look at is as an occasional treat, not an everyday thing.

It’s Your TURN!

Stop wishing and start making your weight loss goals happen.  All you just have to move your mouse right over HERE and click on the Program that best suits your needs!  I want your success to be my success!  Get after it.

Trina Medves xo

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