Diastasis Depression and Weight Gain Success Story

Pregnancy can and should be one of the most beautiful times in your life but that’s not the case for all women.  Diastasis, depression and weight gain are just a few of the things women experience in pregnancy. Not a whole lot of glamour there. Charleigh’s weight gain in pregnancy was fifty pounds, she was feeling depressed and experienced a diastasis.  Her newborn son was born and needed surgery in the first few days of life.  It’s not easy recovering from a diastasis, depression or weight gain.  Her patience, hard work, strength and determination are admirable.  Read her inspiring story.

Why I LOVE Fit4Females and Trina!

Before having my son I was fairly happy with my body, I stayed in pretty good shape and was always a very positive, happy person.  When I got pregnant we were given very difficult news that our baby would have to have a surgery in the first few days of his life.  With this news I had a very stressful pregnancy, putting on fifty pounds and was becoming depressed.  I am very, very happy to say that my son had surgery and is now doing fantastic!  

Post Natal Assessment

When I think back to getting home from the hospital after living there for 16 days I remember being exhausted and not feeling like myself.  This is when I went to see Trina, who I had met a few years before when I took her amazing night Adult Boot Camp classes.  I told Trina my story and she did an assessment on me telling me that I had a diastasis and that I wouldn’t get my body back overnight but that it was okay and normal.  I started going to Trina’s classes twice a week at 7 weeks postpartum.  I can honestly say that Trina is the reason that I didn’t get into a depression about my body, she instead taught me that my body will never be the same but that is not something to be upset about, that it is a beautiful thing and that over time I can again learn to love myself.  

Diastasis Doesn’t Have to be Devastating

Having a diastasis meant I had a lot of limitations for a few months and as frustrating as it was to not be able to run or do sit ups I listened to Trina and did the modified moves she gave me.  After 5 months of hard work, my diastasis healed and I had lost almost all of my baby weight but still wasn’t happy with my body.  Trina told me to take photos and measurements and start tracking my progress this way.  This was amazing for me, as much as taking a picture with my stomach showing was not something I wanted to do, it helped me realize I was making a difference.


Charleigh-diastasis-depression-and-weight-gainFrom August 19th – November 19th 2015 (I was 5 and 8 months postpartum), my stomach went down 4 ½ inches, around my hips went down 1 ¼ inches, around my bum went down 1 ½ inches and my thighs went down 1 ¾ inches!!  I could not be happier with my progress thus far and only wish I had taken pictures and measurements when I first started.  Not only am I feeling better about my body but at 8 months postpartum I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 113lbs.  

Mummy Tummy

I still have a “mummy tummy” and will continue to work with Trina at Stroller Boot Camp and Stroller Fit until I go back to work.  I hope to still continue at least once a week once I am back to work even if I am happy with my body.  Trina is such an amazing trainer and leader that she makes you want to be at class and helps to make you feel like you can do anything.  The positivity, coaching and personal interest she takes in each person is so amazing and is what makes me LOVE Fit4Females and love that I made the choice to join when I did.” – Charleigh Roberts

Good bye Diastasis, depression and weight gain.  Charleigh we are so proud of you!

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