Results are in for our 28 Day Shape Up Wine and Weight Loss Challenge! We raised $2150 for the Charity Food4Kids and we loss hundreds of pounds over the holidays.

Go at your own pace with our Online 28 Day Shape Up Challenge.  JOIN HERE.

28 Day Wine and Weight Loss

Our Fit4Females 28 Day Shape Up Challenges are based on weight lost percentage for tracking purposes but we have decided to give prizes for challengers maintaining their weight also.  We teach our members that it’s all about healthy fitness, nutrition and lifestyle changes.  Success should be based on how you feel and how you feel in your clothes.  This program is just the beginning.

28 Day Shape Up Testimonial from Kristan

The meal plan will not make you feel deprived.  Join us for the Group Challenge beginning January 15, 2018 here 28 Day Shape Up Challenge.

28 Day Shape Up What is it?

The 28 Day Shape Up meal plan is not about reducing calories or only eating what is on the plan.  It’s about finding what foods agree with your body and paying attention to bloat, hunger cues and habits.  The real success is in your mood, energy and increased self esteem and awareness.  Being healthy and fit is a journey, not an immediate fix.

If you need a push, accountability, 28 days of meal plans, grocery lists, workouts and more, the 28 Day Shape Up is the Program for you.   Make yourself a priority and join and do it at your own pace.

And the Winner is…

Ashley B!

1st Place prize:

Ashley B with a total of 15.8 pounds and 7.6% of body weight lost.  This is one of our Team Leaders, she just had a baby and has been attending 5 classes per week at Fit4Females. Way to go Ash!

Prize won:

$100 Fit4Females Gift Certificate towards In Studio Programs

“This challenge was so amazing ! I was so excited to join because it seemed like a great way to stay motivated and on track during the month before Christmas holidays, which is usually when I gain lots of weight. Even more important was that it supported a phenomenal charity, Food4Kids, who supports many young children in our community. Trina’s Facebook group was awesome, and all of the ladies were so positive, and encouraging. It was exactly the accountability I needed to feel good going into the Christmas holidays! What’s more is that this challenge was actually so much fun ! Trina in her generous spirit of giving, gave away tons of extra and unexpected prizes. She also shared some great tips which helped me succeed! I can’t wait to participate in the next challenge and will definitely be doing the Wine and Weight Loss Challenge next year … except next year I am winning the wine lol”


2nd Place prize:

Taylor Jones with a total of 10.8 pounds and 7.17% of body weight lost.  Taylor reached her post baby weight goal in this challenge.  She has been participating in 5 classes per week at Fit4Females!

Prize won:

$75 Fit4Females Gift Certificate towards In Studio Programs

“Wow! Where to begin? Fit4Females in studio classes have helped to transform my post baby body. The classes are challenging and the Team Leaders are motivating. They ensure to modify all workouts to meet your individualized needs. More importantly Fit4Females is a supportive community go women who uplift each other. In addition to the in studio classes, I have also participated in the 28 Day Wine and Weight Loss challenge. I entered the challenge for a good cause knowing the proceeds were going to Food4Kids. However, the challenge helped me be accountable in a positive way and learn some amazing new recipes! Joining Fit4Females was the best decision I made after having a baby.”


3rd Place prize:

Karen A with a total 10.4 pounds, and 6.77% of body weight loss

“My intentions for this challenge was to maintain my weight over the month of December, hopefully win some wine and help out a worthwhile charity. I gained a lot of weight last Christmas and didn’t want to repeat the same pattern. I managed to actually lose some weight despite the business of work, home life and the impending Christmas season. I am so glad I accepted the challenge. I feel good in my cloths. I’m not bloated with over indulging on Christmas treats which were everywhere. I think what really helped me stay on track was the accountability we had to each other. Loved the recipes and motivation that was shared on our facebook group. I’d definitely do something like this again.” Karen


Prize won:

$50 F4F Gift Certificate towards Online Programs

Top mentions (4% body weight lost):

Congrats to the following 28 Day challenger winners:

Michelle S 4th place 6.52%

Alanna 4.88%

Amy B 4.77%

Cindy 4.10%

Deb P 5.53%

Kristina R 4.44%

Shivaun 4.27%

Susan L. 4.64%

Congrats TO EVERYONE regardless of your maintenance or loss.  There are too many to mention!  Keep it up and stay strong.

Our next 28 Day Maintenance and Biggest Loser Challenge starts on January 15, 2018.  JOIN HERE.

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