Back to School makes me crazy but September is the new January!  You are more likely to succeed in September than you are with a New Year’s Resolution.  Join me now and pick something you want to achieve.  Trina’s Transformation Tidbits this week are all about reducing stress, overwhelm and routine.  I’m sharing three tips to help you get rid of the things that are no longer serving you.  Be sure to download my freebie.  Start with one small step.   Follow me in real time on Instagram and Facebook.

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Grab a sneak peek into what we dish out to our 28 Day Shape Up Program Peeps!

 Trina Talks:  Routine, Accountability and 3 Tips for Success

Pick one thing you are going to change and be consistent with it next week.  I am going to get to bed earlier.  Write it down, on the mirror or in your agenda.  Here are 3 tips for you to follow, they are easy.  September is all about commitment so I am back to my morning walks and I had a crazy conversation with my accountability buddy which you can watch here…

Meet Janette:  Stroller Fitness & 28 Day Shape Up Transformation

Today is the perfect time for our all laid out for you 28 Day Shape Up Challenge.  All you have to do is put in the work, the workouts, meal plans, grocery lists and basically everything is done for you.  Check it out.

Meet Janette: What an incredible transformation.  Make yourself a priority by working out, eating healthy and getting good sleep! ?? you should see her now. We are going to do an updated story.

“I lost 20 pounds and dropped from a size 12 to a size 6. The time I started Fit4Females Stroller Fitness (Oct. 28th 2016 until Jan 15 2017) I have lost 10 pounds.”  Even more results from the 28 Day Shape Up Challenge.

Back to School Lunch Ideas for Kids or Adults

The best part about kids going back to school is that we all get back on a regular routine.  The worst part is having to pack lunches and come up with ideas.  Here is our first packed lunch!  Are you excited about being back to a regular September routine?

Couch Talk with Trina:  Stroller Fitness & 28 Day Shape Up Transformation

If you have 7 minutes to invest in yourself watch this… What do you need to do to live at your optimal health?  Stop waiting for it and make it happen!

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