Loose skin, fat and stretch marks are what most women dread.  Not long ago I wrote a blog about how the media claimed Lady Gaga was “fat” because of her performance at the Super Bowl.  It got me fired up and ready to blast out to hear your opinions.  So I reached out to Facebook Live and asked everyone to share their opinion and this brought on a lot of personal stories.  Meet Erika.  She was brave enough to share her story with us about how she is absolutely learning to love her loose skin, stretch marks, body fat and coming back from her shaming story.

Part of Erika’s Transformation included learning new strategies in our coaching sessions.  She has been a part of all of our programs and particularly the 8 week Online Train with Trina Program which helped transform not only her body but her self worth.

Loose Skin Stretch Marks Fat and Shaming

Erika shared her private story on Facebook.  erika-shaming-fat-stretchmarks-loose skin

“Lets talk about body image. I’m sharing this with you now because I have improved my self worth and my confidence in my body as improved. The first image of me flexing is Aug 2011. I had just joined a gym that had a required assessment when you first joined, I was told I was overweight and had quite bit of body fat to lose, I was 183 lbs. and after hearing that I had quite bit to lose, my views of my body was skewed and didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. I was in a state of deprivation and eager to look like the celebs in magazines. The pic of me with my short hair was last week, this body has given birth to 3 babes in 4 years, has fluctuated weight like crazy due to pregnancy and postpartum. I have stretch marks and loose skin and probably have a high body fat percentage. At this time I weigh one of my heaviest at 219 lbs. But I am happy in my skin and learning to love my image. Don’t get me wrong I have a goal to get to a healthy weight and I would love to look like the girl that weighed 183 but my views and how I achieve my weight loss is in a whole new ball game.

We have to love where we are and then appreciate everything when we make progress to become even better than where we are now.  Don’t create expectations that can not meet your reality. You will only set yourself up for failure.  Ladies love yourselves xoxox – Erika”.  

 How to Achieve your Dreams – Believe In You


Love your Loose Skin, Stretch Marks and New Body

It is so unfortunate that Erika had this experience with another Fitness Company.  There is a way to handle matters properly.  Clearly the left image depicts a healthy woman.  Our minds are delicate, our self worth gets questioned and this is something that stayed with Erika for a very long time.  Remember that we all need FAT to live.  You have to decide how you feel about how much body fat you have on your body and be realistic with body type, your own needs and genetics.

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Tips for Better Body Positivity:

✔️ Looking at your body in a different way, what are you proud of?

✔️ Change how you feel about it and if it can be changed, make positive changes, if it can’t learn to accept it exactly how it it

✔️ Focus on what it is that you love about yourself and NOT what you don’t like

✔️  Your body doesn’t define you, it’s simply the vehicle you have been given to live out your purpose

✔️ Make healthy choices daily with respect to food choices, how you move and getting sleep.  Your body fat will start to decrease when you think better thoughts, treat your body right and increase your self worth

We would love to hear your comments if this story resinates with you.  Use the share bar below and inspire love and positive body image.  Thanks so much for reading…. xoxox Trina Medves

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