This week I am featuring a Stroller Mom who should be my poster girl for Post Natal Assessments.  If you have been following me these past few years, you know I am PASSIONATE about Pelvic Floor health and healing from the inside out.  Kate attends Stroller Circuit and I am very impressed with how she had taken my advice and exercises and healed herself from a diastasis and leakage!  Remember ladies, IT’S NOT OK TO PEE YOUR PANTS, not even a little!

Kate Morin, Member Spotlight

Tell us why you joined Fit4Females?

I joined Fit4Females because I was a new mom looking to get back in shape and my little one would be able to come with me, while I worked out.  Since joining I have made many new friends and I feel a sense of belonging and support from the moms, which helps motivate me every week to attend.  I also joined because I had no idea about Post Natal Assessments.  I loved seeing that peeing while sneezing wasn’t normal, and I had no idea it was related to your tummy.  I knew you should do kegels and I was… but, I learned I wasn’t doing it right.  Trina also showed me how to assess myself.  I wanted to know what I had to do to fix and gain control of my body.  But just knowing I wasn’t the only one made me feel better.

I was a Rower, so I know how to exercise.  But, once you have a baby things change.  If I wouldn’t have gotten an assessment I could have done more damage because I am a give it all kind of person.  With Trina, I was given suggestions to strengthen and get back to my pre baby body.

What draws you into coming back each session?

I come back every session because I love waking up the day after my workout and feeling new muscles that I worked out the day before.  It makes me feel strong!  By taking care of myself, I am making sure I can take care of my daughter.  I want her to see that living healthy can be fun!

Why do you love Trina and the other team leaders? 

Trina and Tara are both amazing Leaders!  They are both moms who know what it is like to balance being a mom, being healthy and working out.  They come to class positive and ready to motivate and kick butt!  They take time to get to know you, and genuinely care about each member.  While working out they encourage you to do your best and not compare yourself to anyone else.

Trina gave me steps on how to heal.  I followed those steps and after months of doing my exercises and not pushing myself too hard, I finally got re-assessed and I had made progress.  It was a process but with their support I’ve improved.  I can run now and not worry that I might pee a bit.  Haha!

What is the best part of your sessions?

The best part of the sessions is looking at my daughter while I work out and know that I am not only helping myself but ensuring I can be a positive role model for her!

Any encouraging advice you can share with our Readers?

Advice to the readers is join because Fit4Females works.  I have hit my goal I set two sessions ago and I am continuing to join because I love the team and I love how I feel.  People tell me all the time they can’t believe I’ve had a baby and they ask what I do… and the secret is Fit4Females and healthy eating.  Leaking is not normal and Trina can help.  Join and get a Post Natal Assessment and don’t be embarrassed, we all know what you’re going through and we are here to support YOU at becoming a better YOU!

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Kate is walking/talking proof that you do not need to be ashamed of your body if it needs some healing.  I can have you in one of our award-winning Programs working out safely and giving you the exercises needed to heal from the inside out.

Check out our other diastsis success stories, commit to change and be apart of an AMAZING group of supportive women!

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