Do you have a “goal weight” in mind?  Despite the scale not being a good indicator, we tend to have a love hate relationship with  it.  Meet Amber.  She hit her goal weight, lost 6 inches and 4 pounds in a month.  Her story is inspiring because she had done all Online Live Classes with us.  We were forced to shut down and offered classes Online.  What a great pandemic success story. Try a FREE class anytime.  We have won multiple awards for the Best Female Fitness Club in Hamilton and Women’s Only specializing in Post Natal and Women’s Fitness.

How are you feeling since joining Fit4Females?

Since joining Fit4Females and the Online Workout Community, I have felt more motivated and capable of continuing my healthy journey.  After the first session I joined, which was the Summer Hard Core Unlimited Classes, I absolutely noticed clothes fitting better, friends were commenting on how great I looked and how hard I was working and most importantly, my two young daughters watched me do my workouts, they joined sometimes and found it fun to lift 3 pound weights.

Gyms Closed and Live Home Workouts Worked

With the closure of my local gym due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I was finding myself falling back into my hold habits of feeling unmotivated to get active, snacking too much and just over all lacking energy.  A friend introduced me to Fit4Females Online Classes and the “try a class for free” promo. I was instantly impressed and decided to sign up for a few more.  I am now a member, I couldn’t resist.

“The interaction you receive from the Coaches and motivation they provide really make you feel like you are in a live gym/class atmosphere.”


“Goal Weight Achieved, 6 inches and 4 pounds lost”

I did not take before and after pictures but I did do measurements.  From July 13 to August 15, I lost approximately 6 inches and 4 pounds. I hit my goal weight during the summer Hard Core Unlimited live class session which pushed me to join for Fall.
  • The group of ladies are from all walks of life and various degrees of skill and I feel so comfortable with them, as if I have been with Fit4Females forever.
  • I highly recommend giving Fit4Females a chance if you want to use your time to boost your mood, exercise motivation and your overall happiness.
  • There are so many different classes available and you don’t really need to have equipment either.
  • The Coaches guide you on what to use, if anything. You won’t be disappointed.

I am so glad I joined,I am now a Fit4Females Lifer!

I can’t thank you enough Trina for all the extra little bits and freebies you provide to your group. From Coaching tips, to Recipes and even contests, it all helps with inspiring and motivating everyone to keep going.

I could go on and on about how great the Program is and how amazing all the Trainers are but no one will truly understand until they join 🙂 I would tell you to try a free class here.  –  Amber, Mom of two beautiful girls


Make YOU a Priority

It’s not always about a “goal weight”, rather its about how you feel in your body, mind and thoughts.  We teach Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness.  Check out the Schedule and choose to make yourself a priority by joining one of our award-winning Programs.  We offer Live Virtual classes and Online Programs.  Try a Free Class now!

Try a FREE class anytime

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