Are you wondering why you can’t lose weight?  I’m sharing 5 tips for weight loss and stress reduction. They may not be the “advertised ones all over social media” but if implemented, they will help with weight loss.  If you are reading you are probably feeling frustrated, stressed and sick of feeling this way.  Is Stress Making you fat?  You bet it is and so are your thoughts.

It’s not just about the workouts or the nutrition plan; it’s about the wellness factor to help with weight loss!  Close your eyes and rate your stress on a level of one to ten. Be honest – 1 being “I’m totally relaxed” and 10 being “I’m losing my mind” (we all have those days right?)


5 Tips for Weight Loss and Stress Reduction

Tip #1 Dump It!

Create a daily “DUMP” list:  Mind dump:  Set a timer for two minutes and start dumping every single thought on your mind.  I’m talking old school pen to paper.  Nothing is off limits, don’t judge or over think, just dump it.  Do this for 30 days if possible, before bed, in the morning, in the middle of chaos

Daily Dump:  Yes I’m talking about bowel movements.  You should be going to the “poo poo” room at least once per day.  Drink more water, eat lots of fibre and let go of your stress so that you can get healthy on the toilet.  This also naturally gets rid of toxins in your body.  Healthy cleansing amen!

Tip #2 Outdoor Challenge

Go for a walk outside every day to reconnect your roots and make your footprints in nature.  Ten pushups on a park bench, squats, pull ups and get busy moving and living.  Studies prove that nature increases your happy hormones thereby reducing cortisol, which in turn helps us lose weight!

Tip #3 PIIP Put it in Perspective

Stop making a catastrophe out of daily stress and stop the “I don’t have time” disease.  If you are not making time, it’s not important.  Save the disasters for true events and schedule a workout and meal planning in your calendar.  I often get stuck working like crazy at my laptop and I have to remind myself to just PIIP girl.


Tip #4 Look and dissect

Can you cut anything from your calendar?  Is there too much on your plate?  Can you reduce the notifications?  Are you a “yes” person?  Are you too busy to work out but know you need to make the time?  Cut back on things you don’t need and add in something you need to do for your health.

Tip #5 What and how instead of why

What do you have to do now to get leaner, happier and stronger?  How would you feel if you were your perfect self?  What can you remove from your schedule to make more time for workouts and meal planning?



We tend to dismiss the truth, minimize the situations and how much our stress and negative thoughts affect the fat cells in our body. If you think it and believe it, it is real.  Your thoughts are so powerful.  Love the way you look with authenticity.  If you are not happy MAKE A CHANGE, you don’t have to stay stuck.  Did you do your dump list?


5 Weight Loss and Stress reduction tips with Canada’s #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist

Posted by Fit4Females – Stroller Fitness, Cardio Booty Camp and More on Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Are you ready for Change?

Rebecca is a part of my Online Coaching Program.  Watch and use this as a reminder of how much stress we stuff deep down inside us.

As a Fitness Professional, I know first hand that it’s not just about the weight loss. Unfortunately “weight loss” marketing sells in the fitness industry.

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