Let me tell you how much confidence, strength and inspiration Cindy has acquired since she first came to Fit4Females! I have been asking for her story for a long time but she never quite felt ready. I’ve never seen her smile so big and you can’t put a price on confidence. I remember our first meeting, she cried, feeling completely defeated, out of shape and discouraged because she had a 5 finger diastasis recti and her doctor told that surgery was her only option. “I can help, surgery is your last resort and we got this”, I said.  Cindy lost weight, leaned up and healed her body from the inside out.



Cindy had a long journey healing her diastasis and she safely participated in our Boot Camp Programs safely the ENTIRE time. We had moments when I had to pull her back, remind her to trust me and modify A LOT and I mean A LOT! Despite her stubborn mind telling her to jump, run, plank and push harder, she listened. Her diastasis is now a 1-2 finger. Can I get a “Hell Yeah!”

Cindy touched my heart in a way that she may never understand. Clients come to me and pour their heart and soul out and you know that you can help but the biggest struggle they face is their body image issues and negative self talk. I am so honoured to present this very positive success story. Giving back a woman’s confidence is priceless, it’s not always about the numbers.



“First I just wanted to say thank you again! 2 years ago I would have never felt comfortable posting ANY picture of myself on Facebook or any other type of social media platform because I felt ashamed of my body and wanted to hide behind anything or anyone to avoid being in photos! Today was the first day that I didn’t hide! I put on my F4F shirt (which by the way never fit me until now) and I held my head high with a smile when Julie took that picture! That is by far a better accomplishment to me then numbers on a scale! I know I still have a long way to go but I can now start being proud of how far I have come! Trina, I am seriously forever grateful to you for you helping me start to appreciate that and myself! I seriously cannot thank you enough or even begin to express what you have done for me!

The support from the members and other Team Leaders have motivated me to set goals I never thought I could accomplish and the F4F environment that you have created is s place where self confidence is created and encouraged.  There are so many women in class that are so inspiring and supportive that really have helped me never give up.  Thank you from the bottom oft heart and I am so looking forward to my next chapter!” – Cindy Del-Sordo Wybraniak

Cindy Before and After

 Be Inspired!

Let Cindy’s story inspire you.  Whatever you are feeling right now we can help!  Join us and Cindy in one of our Programs!  If you need some Coaching and small group support for motivation, join in my 8 week Express Fit Program.

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