It’s not easy taking a step back but if you are leaking any other time then when you are sitting on a toilet or you have issues with your stubborn belly fat, YOU MUST DO something about it or it will get worse.  We can help!

I have coached thousands of women over the last 16 years and thankfully we are learning more about issues “down below”.  I had the honour of being called in as a Guest speaker at the Stoney Creek Running Room for the Half Marathon Clinic this passed Thursday.  I want to share part of the talk with you.

Leakage Talk Running Room

Pelvic Floor 101 with Trina

Q:  Is leakage normal?

A:  “Although leakage is common, it’s not normal.  If you are leaking, you must take a step back to heal and strengthen so that you can progress with stronger and more effective movements.  This is your body’s whisper telling you that you need some help.  Don’t panic!  Many times this can be corrected and surgery is the LAST resort”.

Q:  How common is it?

A:  “It is quite common in athletes, women who have had children and as we age.  People shy away from telling the truth about it because they think it’s “normal”, they are too “embarrassed” or they think “I only leak when I sneeze”.  It is a lot more common than you think”.

Q:  Why does it happen?

A:  “Many reasons.  In short, it is a weakened pelvic floor and breakdown of the “Core 4″.  Not every muscle is “pulling their weight”, diastasis recti can be an issue, weakened muscles from pregnancy, not enough strength in your movement and sleepy/lazy muscles, etc”.

Q:  What can we do to fix it?

A:  “An Assessment with an Expert and a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist is important.  When I perform our Post Natal Assessments (which are for anyone!) I always have clients start with the Core Breath.  Get in touch with breathing from your diaphragm.  Core breath, bridges and clams are a great first step”.

Core Breath

Q:  Is surgery my only option?

A:  “No, surgery is the last resort.  You can book an assessment with us or contact us for our go to Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist.  Either way, you have to fix this!”

Q:  How can I get more info?

A:  “Join Fit4Females for a Workshop on Wednesday, October 14 from 7:30-9pm -Expert and Head Trainer Trina Medves and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Silvana Yee will be giving you the real truth!


Big Thanks to the Running Room!

These ladies were an incredible group and they let me talk openly about private issues.  So excited and can’t wait to hear about how they do in their first Road to Hope Half Marathon!

Fit4Females Running Room Group

Thank You!

Running Room Thank you!

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