She “cyber stalked us” before joining but since the moment Suzanne dropped into Stroller Boot Camp unannounced, I have loved this girl.  You know when you meet people with incredible energy?  That’s Suzanne!  She is full of inspiration, smiles and works incredibly hard.  She is pregnant with her second and decided she wanted to be healthy and fit and do it safely so she “came to the best“.


Tell us why you joined Fit4Females   

I had learned I was pregnant and needed a great workout with prenatal advice.  I really enjoy working out, but was to0 nervous with my first pregnancy to do anything other than hike.  I gained a lot of weight, felt terrible and just didn’t enjoy it.  Now, with baby number 2 on board, I decided that I was not going to let myself go and that I would keep up my workouts.  I contacted Fit4Females and they have been heaven sent with making me sweat, stay in shape and making me feel 100% comfortable that what I’m doing is not hurting my baby.

Tell us about your first Fit4Females workout and what made you stick with us

My first workout was enjoyable.  Not only was it challenging, but I felt safe.  I felt like Trina had full confidence in what she does and in helping adjust my workout for my prenatal needs.  I feel like I’m in safe hands with her telling me moves I can and cannot do.  She adjusts my program to fit my growing belly, but I’m still working just as hard.  She doesn’t take it easy on me just because I’m pregnant. That’s why I stay.  It’s the knowledge of cardio, strength AND pre/post natal moves.

Why do you love Fit4Females and the Team Leaders? 

I love it because of the ability to keep me motivated, in shape, excited to come to class and the knowledge of what we are doing.  I have to feel confident that my Trainers are well trained in kicking my butt, but not hurting me.  The other moms in class are just amazing as well.  Such a great group of women that support one another and help out.  I don’t know how many times someone has gone to get me a weight, mat or whatever.  Just very kind and helpful.  Very nice environment to be around.  Not to mention that my baby gets a workout too.  He walks around and plays with the other babies the whole time.  We both go home tired, which is a huge plus!

What improvements and changes have you made both physically and mentally since joining Fit4Females? 

My improvements are noticeable in comparing my 2 pregnancies.  I feel so much better this time around keeping up my fitness and workouts.  My weight gain is so far 1/2 of my first at this point.  My stomach is obviously growing, but the rest of my body looks like I did before.  I haven’t gained all over and I’m still wearing my same pants as when I’m not pregnant.  My cardio is strong to be this far along in my pregnancy too.  All of this helps my mental stability as working out makes my day so much better.  I feel so much more alive this pregnancy, not dragging all day. 

Any encouraging advice you can share with our Readers that are not putting themselves first or nervous to join?

Just do it.  I had contacted Fit4Females months before I decided to make the move.  It’s the best thing I did.  I had a hard time joining and committing as I’ve always done my own workouts at home.  I couldn’t make myself join as I didn’t thing I’d benefit much.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I still do my own cardio and strength training, but this group environment with such knowledgeable trainers can’t be topped.  Plus, the camaraderie with the other moms and babies is just fantastic.  It is so fun and I am so glad I took the leap.  Plus, the workouts we do are so very different than anything I do on my own.  Trust me, sign up, put yourself first and thank me later.

Anything special to add about Trina specifically?

She’s a blast.  Not only is she always uplifting and fun, but she lives what she speaks.  She’s very physically fit and truly enjoys what she does.  I enjoy being around her during class.  She challenges us every class, has different moves to adjust to anybody (i.e.. pregnancy, diastase recti) and is very confident in what she’s doing.  This makes me trust what she’s doing and saying.  I’ve absolutely seen positive changes in my body and I’m so thankful for her.  Also, you get a member access to recipes, at home workouts, etc and this is always a very nice feature.  She is an A++ person inside and out and I’m so happy to be involved with Trina and all the trainers at Fit4Females.

Safely working out while pregnant

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