We asked our Fit4Females members and fans to tell us why they love Fit4Females and the response was overwhelming!  We are so lucky to have built an amazing community at F4F.  Check out the real, unedited testominals from some of our women below:
  • I love the way I feel and all the wonderful people I have met…thanks for everything you do for us Trina – Annie P.
  • Why I love it? Because after years of struggling with my weight, and making excuses, F4F is finally helping me get healthy and make the time to take care of myself. The support, camaraderie and welcome attitude are just what I need! – Meghan F.
  • I love how I am completely exhausted and energized after every class! – Lori M.
  • I love that after almost 4 years of being a client, I still am thinking about Fit4Females every day, trying to rework my life to come to classes, and meeting some awesome mamas and ladies along the way!  Trina has made me change my lifestyle-without feeling guilty about being a real human being! – Tricia W.
  • I love that no matter how I felt before I got there, I always feel better after. I love that I am surrounded by strong women who are all finding a way to carve out some time for themselves even though the ‘to do’ list is so long. And that no matter what Trina Medves supports each of us through our challenges. – Jodi H.

    Strong on both the inside and out!

    F4F Video Crew Boot Camp
  • Love the warm friendly environment which welcomes our little ones and being with a great group of women while we get an incredible workout.  – Alison N. 
  • Why wouldn’t I love you and Fit4Females. I am challenged EVERYTIME I show up. Although I don’t always want to come for whatever reason, I am so happy that I did when I’m done. I always take something home with me that inspires and the I am able to share with my friends. I am in better shape at 42 (almost 3 days) then I was in my 20’s. I am more confident now than ever and I owe a great deal of that confidence to Trina Medves. I could go on and on, but you are truly a beautiful human being both inside and out. – Josie K.
  • I love Fit4Females because the last tshirt I bought was skin tight on me at the time and I hated how I felt in it. After a good year of Fit4Females I was able to wear it comfortably and wore it throughout my entire second pregnancy! I love Fit4 Females! – Lindsay S.

    Lindsay S. –  39 weeks pregnant in Stroller Class

    By the way, she had her baby the day after this photo!

  • I love how fun the classes are. They go by so fast! Can’t wait to get back. – Amy H.
  • I love that I have stuck to your program since I started, almost 2 years ago! I’ve never stuck to anything that long!!! I feel great and can see the progress I’ve made, thank you! – Lisa G.
  • I love that I enjoy going to your classes and that my son has so much fun there! I love how I feel during and after and how much stronger I feel since I started! And I love how much you encourage all of us to push ourselves, and recognize how we’ve improved and challenge us to continue! I love F4F and you Trina Medves! – Nicole S.

    Video Shoot

    The love between my amazing members

    Stroller Fans Feeling the Love
  • I love the environment and how challenged I feel when I am there. I love that no one is made to feel bad for who they are and what they can do and I love that Trina Medves believes in you when u are having a hard time believing in yourself…..thank you Trina!! – Bobbi-Jo V.
  •  Fit4Females is helping me to find the real me – on so many levels! – Ashleigh S.
  • Love Fit4Females and Trina Medves because I get my butt kicked every time I’m there… And that’s a good thing!!!!! Also because Trina and the other ladies are so motivating and caring and always wanting others to be the best person possible!!! – Tina N.
  • I love your classes because after a sleepless night with an infant and a busy morning with a 2 1/2 year old, all I have to do is show up and you take over from there. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something for myself instead of spending my morning in that endless cycle of play, clean up, repeat and wondering if maybe I could have snuck some pushups between diaper changes and play-dough. My hair might not be brushed, my youngest might still be in his pajamas, and my 2 year old might be in a shark costume – but I made it to class. I love that the other mamas will look at me and say – ‘yep, I had a day like that yesterday – keep going warrior sister’. Moms who cheer me on when I don’t think I can do another rep. Mom’s who help my two year old with his shoes, patiently listen when he’s showing them his toys, and put his cape back on when it comes off from its velcro. I love that my son has learned to be kind to other children in these classes. I love that you’ve been able to create such a community of supportive mom’s and help us to not only keep our sanity, but help us get in shape and be strong women. It’s nice to feel part of a community, and it’s beyond wonderful to feel like I’ve done something for myself without having to sacrifice time with my children! – Kate P.
    Kate and Superman
  •  I love Fit4Females because the positive atmosphere makes me talk myself into coming on days when I’d rather just stay home and be alone after a hard day. – Kerri W.
  •  I LOVE FIT4FEMALES because it has made me the BEST version of myself!!! Since joining, almost one year ago, I have become leaner (losing more than 50 lbs), stronger, and gained the confidence I never had before. I LOVE FIT4FEMALES because at the age of 31 I have finally learned to LOVE my BODY! – Julie B.
  • Fit4Females has made me like my body again! It’s only been 3 weeks but I’m already noticing changes and feeling stronger and more positive about being able to achieve my fitness/weight loss goals. If it wasn’t for joining fit4females I’d probably still be sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself (and eating bear paws by the box). – Jordana S.
  •  Fit4Females makes me better! I am happier when I finish a class and head home! It helps me relief my stresses from a hectic day! I have fun with a great bunch of ladies and I get to SWEAT! LOVE that beautiful trainer too! Miss her dearly when I am forced to be home right now! I am told that my fitness level prior to the accident, has helped me greatly! Yeah baby! – Janine F.
  • Makes you feel strong so tshirt is very true. And love the stroller classes that allows you to bring child with u. Showing an example to your children the importance of exercise. – Paola M.
    Fit Tees
  • Reading all of these posts gives me the warm fuzzies!!! I love Fit4Females because: Trina Medves and the crazy-cool ladies in classes are constant reminders that taking care of me makes me better at taking care of others that need me. I love Fit4Females because Trina practices what she preaches. She knows my name and she genuinely cares! I love Fit4Females because just when I need someone to come along and blow some sunshine up my A%$ then it’s Bootcamp night YAY! LOL! – Gilda M.
  • I love Fit4Females, because Trina Medves inspires me to be a better person! She also makes me feel like I can do so much more that what I think I can!! I will be stronger because of Trina!!!! – Katrina H.
  • Trina does the body and booty, good! No bull! – Leah
  • I love Fit4Females because I get to work my butt off with a bunch of inspirational women and a trainer Trina Medves who inspire me. At Fit4Females everyone has their own goals and challenges but no matter what you are surrounded with support and encouragement both in class and out via FB. Thanks Julie B for inviting me to join you on this fitness journey. – Laura K.

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