For the past 8 and half years, there is a common factor with our F4F Members….they stick around!   We offer something that other facilities don’t: a Family feel that is infectious and inclusive, challenging workouts, inspiring energy and a community of strong, fun women that support and uplift each other through thick and thin.  Fit4Females is a place where sweat and friendships go hand in hand!

Gilda is one of those Members that has stuck with me from her beginnings in Stroller classes, to 6 ½ years later rocking Kettlebells in Tabata Boot Camp.  Take a couple minutes and get to know this powerhouse!

Gilda Morreale, Member Spotlight

Tell us why you joined Fit4Females?

I joined Fit4Females after the birth of my 2nd baby who is now 6 and 1/2!  At the time I expected that I would enjoy Stroller Fitness classes while on maternity leave and then re-visit how to fit “me time” into my family’s schedule when I went back to work.  I started attending F4F Boot Camp classes at night and was hooked all over again.  Same awesome, inspiring energy and same awesome Trainers.

What draws you into coming back each session?

I keep attending classes because they are great work out.  Plain and simple!  I try things in class that I likely would not push myself to try in a gym or in an at-home workout.  A challenging and different circuit every time and MOM challenges (Motivation of the Month) that are quick and easy to incorporate into your day when you are not attending a class.  Fit4Females is the one thing that I have managed to commit to and stick with consistently for 6 and 1/2 years.  I have met some fiercely strong and fun ladies at F4F.  It is awesome to work out together and encourage each other along the way.

Why do you love Trina and our Team Leaders?

Trina and all of the F4F Team Leaders are dedicated, fantastic, and motivating.  I have learned something from each of them and I have appreciated the encouragement along the way.  Even a member that has been attending classes for several years (like me!) needs to be pushed outside of their comfort zone.

What is the best part of your sessions?

The best part of sessions is the sense of accomplishment and clarity that I have at the end of a class.  I go to class so that I can do my best at other things that are important to me like being a wife and a mother along with my day-to-day professional life .

Any encouraging advice you can share with our Readers

For anyone reading about my journey with Fit4Females today I would encourage you to try a class.  I am not a person that has been athletic my whole life.  Quite the opposite actually!  I think that my strong 42 year old body that swings kettlebells around with confidence could give my 30 year old mind AND body something to strive for.

Try One Class & Fall in Love with us Forever

How inspiring is Gilda?  Proving you can get sweeter (and stronger) with age!  Come join F4F and feel the motivation and energy our own long time Members feel.

We aren’t a fad, we are a lifestyle!  Come experience the F4F difference!

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Yours in health, fitness and nutrition,

Trina Medves,

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