What can I say about Amy!  This girl rocks and her arriving to Fit4Females was meant to be.  Years ago she came to me and said “I heard you are the best in the business at giving modifications to people that need it”.   “YES I said! Tell me your story!”  Amy suffered from a Hip labral tear years ago due to an accident.  She described her injury, symptoms and clearance from her doctor and explained that she was ready to rock.  I knew Amy was in the best place and I knew I could make her feel inclusive and relieve some of the frustration that goes along with workout out with “modifications”.   After all, my mottos is “listen to the whisper before the roar and work within YOUR abilities”.

Not only did I help Amy, she helped me.  After 5 years of therapy and every health professional misdiagnosing my injury, Amy walked into my class, described her symptoms and I knew my injury was exactly that, a Labral tear.  Fast forward years, I had surgery and am feeling great.  If I had never met Amy, I would probably still be searching for answers and would have still been in pain (read my Painful Surgery Journey here).  Things always happen for a reason and Amy is an incredible Member and Mom.


“I joined F4F when my first daughter was just a year old.  I had some major strength to gain back after having an extensive hip surgery years earlier among some other injuries.  I felt super intimidated because after all how would a cripple like me survive a Stroller “Boot Camp” class?!  I heard from a friend that Trina was very accommodating to various injuries and all the women in the class were at different levels.  I finally got the ok from my Dr and haven’t looked back since.  From the very first class I felt so welcomed from everyone.  There was absolutely no judgment and in fact I felt as though I had been friends with these women for years.  I can’t say enough about the amazing friendships my daughters and myself have made.  The trainers are all so knowledgeable and involved. The classes aren’t too big which Trina takes pride in knowing that she can correct improper movements and avoid injury.  This has been so important to me.  You won’t get that attention at any other gym.  F4F has been the key to managing my chronic pain all while being a great example to my girls.

If you haven’t tried an F4F class yet, what are you waiting for?…You deserve this!

Listen to Amy!

What’s Holding You Back!

Are you afraid to join a facility due to personal limitations or feeling as though you can’t keep up?  We take pride in offering modifications and demonstrate all fitness levels in our Programs.  *Please consult your Physician to make sure a new fitness regime is right 4 you.  Join us in an Award winning Boot Camp or Stroller Fitness Program.

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Trina Medves XO!

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