A Mom of 3 loses all of the baby weight, a beast in class, top performer and a serious accident that changed her life.  Janine has been a loyal Member of Fit4Females for 5 years!  She achieved a level of fitness in one year that was outstanding.  Janine was a “Beast” in class until one day a serious car accident changed her life.  As a Mom of 3 small children, Janine had to learn to overcome severe pain, injuries, a double labral tear in both hips, surgery and obstacles that most of us would have probably caved dealing with.

Janine had to pull herself out of a dark place going from 6 minute planks, burpees and an incredible athletic performance to her “new normal” of pain, suffering and rehab needed for her road to recovery.

Janine is the kind of person that always showed up to class with a smile on her face, routing on others and being competitive in a fun and supportive way.  She never made excuses and her personality is to be admired.

It is my mission to provide a safe environment for all women no matter where you are in your fitness journey.  “Listen to the whisper before the roar” and slow and steady wins the race are things I say often.  Janine is learning to let go of her pride and celebrate her wins even though she needs modifications.  We are so proud to feature this beast of fitness and life.

Read more of Janine’s incredible story below!

Janine Forrest, Member Spotlight

“After having baby #3 at 35 years old, I wanted to be fitter than ever before!  During my second pregnancy, I gained 36 lbs.  I delivered a beautiful 8lb baby boy and was hoping I would just “bounce back”.  This didn’t happen!  I had to work hard for six months to get the weight off but I did it!  When Charlie turned 10 months old, I discovered I was pregnant and thought, ‘OMG, how will I bounce back after baby #3?  Will I ever be in shape again?’

During my third pregnancy, I continued to eat healthy and exercise.  4 weeks after delivering Allie, I decided to try one of Trina‘s classes.  I was hooked!

Initially, I started with one Stroller Class…which quickly turned into two and then three classes a week.  The weight started coming off and I was beginning to see my pre-baby body return!  It was exciting!  My husband started calling me “his hot mamma!”

Fit4Females not only helped me get physically strong and fit again, it gave me a sense of belonging!  I met some amazing mommies and babes, and we shared many laughs!

Stroller classes were like appointments to me, ones that I wouldn’t  miss!

The car accident set me back a few years.  I am now learning to return, slowly to a fitness regime with modifications.  Slow and steady!!!  Learning to let go of my pride and to be just damn proud that I am trying!

Once you have a family, it’s so incredibly important to take care of YOU, to find time for you, to do something that makes you feel good about yourself!  For me, Fit4Females fit the bill!  I LOVE Fit4Females!”

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Trina Medves,

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