Level headed, team player and inspiring, are just a few words to describe our next Member Spotlight.  Mom of two, Kim, joined us last October and has been a positive addition to the F4F Community.

Kim’s perspective on her own weight loss journey is to be celebrated and noted.  Too often we want quick results but as soon as we achieve that “magic” number on the scale, we revert to the rut we once were in.  If we take Kim’s approach to heart, we can all achieve sustainability and longevity in our goals.


Tell us why you joined Fit4Females?

Plain and simple….I wanted a change.  I really let myself go after my daughter.  After my son was born I knew that this time needed to be different.  I wanted a place I could go and workout with my baby.  A place where there is an understanding for who I have become and what I choose to become down the road.

What thoughts did you have before joining Fit4Females?

I wanted something different.  I have done the gym membership, I’ve done the personal trainer.  All have worked for me in the past but that “Kim” is not who is here today.  The Kim today is a damn proud mom of two kids who are the sunshine of my world.  I wanted a place that would work for me now and down the road. 

Tell us about your first Fit4Females workout

I was quite intimidated when I sat to watch a class.  All the moms seemed to get along and be friends.  When I had my daughter (she is 3 now) I didn’t really have other moms I could hang out with.  It felt like the first day of school.  Excitement yet nerve wrecking all at the same time.  But I was really eager to jump in head first even if Erika was telling me to slow down until I was checked for a diatasis.

Why do you love Fit4Females and the Team Leaders? 

I love how everyone is relatable.  You don’t have the skinny trainer telling you she “understands what your going through”.  Pfffttt!  All the leaders are moms and have made the change for the better for them and their families.  They know what it’s like to balance and they have taught me that it’s okay to take time for me.  I give 23hrs a day to my family, it doesn’t make it bad for me to take that 1 hr for me.

What improvements have you made since joining Fit4Females?

I truthfully have not done dramatic changes only because I am still learning! I have made some great improvements in my lifestyle but I don’t want dramatic quick change.  I want long term changes that I can teach myself and my family along the way.

Any encouraging advice you can share with our Readers?

Don’t compare yourself to the other members in class.  There are some who are kicking butt and just dropping pounds like it’s nothing.  I have seen a difference in myself and so has my hubby.  As long as I continue with this positive path, I don’t care if I drop the weight in 3 months to 3 years from now.  I am making a positive change and that’s the only thing that matters! 

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