Fit4Females members and fans never cease to amaze me!  The turnout for Baby Jack’s Stroller Fitness class was incredible.  Thanks so much to everyone who attended class, donated in lieu of their attendance and purchased raffle tickets or F4F Fit Tees.  Every little bit made a difference.  Fit4Females is pleased to have raised and donated $1300 towards the Baby Jack Foundation.  We could not have done it without your help.  The event was so emotional.  Baby Jack is an incredible little boy who is filled with spirit, life and love.

Baby Jack is a Miracle baby!

Baby Jack

Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day Baby Jack 2013

Rare disease day baby jack

Raffle Winners!


  • 4 Raptor tickets  Congrats to: 2 tickets to Spencer M and 2 tickets for Christina Callea-Ruiu
  • $60 Children’s Growth Ruler by Inch by Inch – Congrats to Deanne Barker
  • $50 Fit4Females Gift Certificate – Congrats to Denise Rainford
  • $35 Fit4Females Hoodie – Amber Vasilak
  • $20 Fit4Females Fit Tee “Strong is the New Skinny” – Kathy DeMerchant
  • $25 Fit4Females Gift Certificate – Alison Nicks
  • $25 Lone Star Gift Certificate – Alison Nicks
  • $25 Boston Pizza Gift Certificate – Dennis Verestiuk
  • $25 Boston Pizza Gift Certificate – Alissa Frid
  • What to Expect When Your Expecting Book ($25) – Alissa Frid

Rare disease day baby Jack with Trina

Baby Jack Rare Disease Day

Please pick up your prize at your next class.

Special thanks to Boston Pizza, Kate Pataran of Inch by Inch, Lone Star and to my right hand girl, Shannon McLachlan, for the Raptor tickets and endless volunteer help and support.  A special thank you to Kathy DeMerchant who volunteered her time to take these beautiful photos.  A big thank you to all other volunteers, members and fans who donated love, time and support to make this event happen.  It’s beautiful to see so much love and support.  Thank you!

Baby Jack Rare Disease Day

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Trina Medves


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