Have you ever been so overwhelmed you just want to stop everything and yell “ENOUGH!”  Especially in this crazy world of social media and technology where everything seems to be moving at lightning speed?  As a Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Mom of 3 and Wife, most days I wish there was a clone of me and just when I start to think…

I’m so overwhelmed!
I want to quit!
I’m too busy!
I’m too tired!
I can’t do it!
I’m behind!
I’m not doing enough!
I need to do more!
I’m losing track of me!
I’m losing my mind!
I look up at the sky and remember that I have the power to change it all, delegate, ask for help and do more of what I love so that I can transform the lives of so many women who need me.  I just have to ask.
This sky came to me when I was feeling complete overwhelm.

“Breathe Trina, take your own advice and see the beauty beyond the chaos.”

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 I have a gift of changing lives. 
There is only ONE of me and in order for me to do what I do and inspire you, I need my Team and all of my helpers so that I can do more of what I am passionate about. It’s about learning to let go of perfection.
Dream big and ask for what you need. You are being tested every day. Everything that I asked for is coming to me but it’s overflowing and overwhelming me as a test to wean out what I don’t want. I’m putting it out there…
I want a holistic chef
I want a laundry keeper
I want a house helper
I want a personal assistant
Who out there can deliver all of that?  I would love to hear from you!

Find Your Passion

You need a Coach!  I need a coach, Trainers need Trainers.  We all need people in our lives to help us out.  I’m here if you need me. Fit4Females has a Program for everyone.

Wanna get personal? Join me for my Train with Trina Online Program that starts March 23!  I get it, I understand and I can help you achieve the results you deserve!

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