I made it!  I am officially a 2016 Top 3 canfitpro Fitness Professional Finalist in Canada!  Thank you for your love, nomination letters and continuous support.  Without you I would not have been nominated.  I am SO inspired to deliver better programs, free stuff and above and beyond.    I’ve been waking up every day feeling so much love and gratitude in my heart. Reflection on the last 17 years of my career as a Fitness Professional at Canadian Fitness Professionals Inc. (canfitpro)…

13 more sleeps!  Sunday, August 14, 2016, IS THE BIG DAY!  I find out in front of thousands of my peers at the canfitpro World Fitness Expo Closing Ceremonies if I won.  I am REALLY hoping to claim first place so make sure you are following me on all of my social media platforms to get the update, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!  You make me feel like a winner every day, thank you.

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I’ve met amazing people and had incredible mentors.  You let me into your Fitness and Life journey, thank you for letting me impact your life and learn from you.

Some of you still come to me!

Some of you have a different schedule so you can’t make it to me.  

Either way, you have touched my life in an incredible way and I haven’t forgotten anyone!

I get up every morning with the intention to be better than I was yesterday.  Trying to represent the Fitness Industry and myself in a way that is more than just fitness but health and mind related.

I want to make myself and all of you proud as you follow me and allow me into your incredibly busy lives.

To everyone out there who is wondering if you can do it, I’m living proof that you CAN!

Thank you from me xoxoxo!


I take my job very seriously and I am proud to be a Leader in the BIGGEST Leading Fitness Professional Company, canfitpro.

To all the Fitness Leaders out there, get yourself nominated next year, you won’t regret it.  To anyone considering a Fitness career, do it!  To all of my Members and fans I can’t wait to support you on your journey to success. 

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