Glute rehab after hip surgery for a labral tear and CAM impingement is very important.  I am famous for telling people to listen to their body and I am learning that first hand.  Three weeks ago, the universe brought me to a complete stop and I had surgery on my right hip including right hip arthroscopic labral repair, capsular release, femoral neck osteochondroplasty and acetabular rim trimming.  I am learning the true meaning of “slow down, listen to your body and start from scratch”.  Don’t get discouraged, this is the time to learn and slow down.

Glute Rehab After Hip Surgery

Right away after surgery it is safe to do ankle pumps and circles just to get the blood flowing.  Don’t move your legs just circle the foot and pump the ankle to get blood flowing.  Turn some music on and imagine you are a Rock Star!.  Be patient and take the time to heal.

Here are 4 Simple Non Weight Bearing Exercises for Glutes

1.  Core breath – inhale fill your belly, exhale engage your core and pelvic floor

2. Straight leg glute activation, roll up a towel underneath your knees if you like, engage the breath and core, exhale squeeze the glutes (do not put any weight or lift up, especially if you had bone shaving)

Photo on 2014-06-19 at 1.55 PM #2

3. Bent leg hip bridge with no lift off, lay flat face up, bend the legs with feet resting gently, engage the breath and core, squeeze the glutes (no weight if bone shaving)

Photo on 2014-06-19 at 1.55 PM #3

4.  Isometric Hip Abduction: lay flat face up, gently secure a theraband just below the knees, engage the breath and core, gently push separate the knees activating

Photo on 2014-06-19 at 1.56 PM

My Physiotherapist prescribed 10 reps for 10 seconds holding 3x/day. I increased this due to my pre surgery physical activity.   Play some great music and pretend this is a hard core workout! Stay strong and remember, no weight bearing until you are cleared.  Until next time, here is an instructional video!  Share your progress and rehab in the comments below!

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