What fears are holding you back from doing the things in life YOU really want to accomplish?  What’s holding you back from trying new things?  This week’s Member Spotlight shines on Chloe, one of our youngest Members to date but has the maturity and the courage of a woman who has experienced life beyond her years.

Chloe Richardson, Detailed image

Chloe Richardson, Member Spotlight

F4F: How do you stay committed in a busy student schedule?

Chloe: I stay committed to Boot Camp with a busy schedule because I always look forward to it!  Knowing that if I don’t get all my school work done makes me motivated to finish it so I can go.  My mom didn’t just sign me up for it, I chose to do it and I really enjoy it.

F4F: How awesome is it to be able to work out with your Mom?

Chloe: It’s pretty awesome to work out with her. We work really well together (most of the time haha)

F4F: Has your relationship with your Mom changed in a positive way since you have started coming to Fit4Females?

Chloe: Working out with my mom has definitely changed our relationship in a good way because we have worked together a lot more and seen each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

F4F: What made you keep coming back to Fit4Females?

Chloe: The people being so welcoming was one of the major things, at first it was a little nerve racking coming to work out with women that are mostly older than me but they don’t judge anyone and they make everyone feel welcome.  Another thing would be the Team Leaders; all of you are amazing and have taught me something different in the time I’ve been here.  Lastly the workouts really make me work hard and that was my goal coming into Fit4Females and it is definitely something I love doing.

F4F: Do you have any encouraging/uplifting advice to give to our Members *both young and young at heart?

Chloe: Don’t be afraid to go in and try new things.  Always push your hardest even when you really don’t want too, it’s worth it.

F4F: What was the best part of your session?

Chloe: The best part of this session was meeting new people and feeling comfortable to work out around them.  Also meeting Trina was an inspiration, I look forward to stretching at the end of the night because she always has something motivational to say and it could make a tough day better.


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