We won, we won! Thanks to all of our amazing Members and Fans we won two Diamond Awards for both Best Boot Camp and Best Personal Trainer, Trina Medves, in the Hamilton Spectator’s Readers Choice Awards! YAY!

2013 Readers Choice Winner

Huge thanks to everyone who voted for us, shows up to our programs every day, believes in what we believe in and promotes Fit4Females through their passion, love and success stories expecting nothing in return. We stay in business because of YOU!

I say it once again, Fit4Females is a small family feel business. We are not anywhere close to the biggest company in our area and we have a lot of amazing competition. We do not own our own facility, we do not have a huge schedule or tons of members or Trainers like other gyms in our area but we do have a dedication, connection and full commitment to our clients that is undeniable. We will always support you with everything in us!

There are dozens of other Fitness Programs that our Members could choose between our facility and the next but the thing that our members tell us makes us stand out is that “A lot of people do what we do, but they don’t do it the way we do it with the same passion reaching and touching so many lives both in and out of the Studio. We have been to many gyms before but nothing has touched us like Fit4Females!” We will aim higher to continue the same level of service we always give, Above and Beyond!

I can’t thank you all enough. From my heart to yours a million thanks! Fit4Females will keep challenging you to be your best, get out of your comfort zone and we will aim to go above and beyond like we always do. These awards mean so much because they are voter based.

All Awards Final Banner

To my incredible family and team, this would never ever be possible without any of you spreading the love, support and inspiration that you do. I could not do it without my incredible team!

2014 is going to be even better!

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Yours in health, fitness and wellness,

Trina Medves

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