As an Expert in Women’s Fitness I get the luxury of coaching women daily! I take pride in being the expert at reminding them to make themselves a priority.  I get them out of their crazy burnt out state and coach them to the best version of themselves.

Exhaustion, weight gain, feeling crazy all of the time, overwhelm, daily adrenal burnout and not loving what you see are just a few common things I see in ALL women.  The fact that we justify that we don’t have the time or money is just a crutch and excuse for us.  I teach women how to take it to the next level and make it happen.  You are the #1 priority!

6 months 26 pounds lost and a Coke Addict says good-bye

Sarah was really struggling so she signed up for my Coaching Program because she was a Coca-Cola addict. In just 8 weeks, she kicked her pop addiction, got her SH!T together, lost 12.6 pounds, 4.3% Body Fat and 7.9 total inches.   

Sara 8 weeks june“I went back to work after the end of my maternity leave, I completed 4 shifts without a coke. That’s the first time in 17 years of nursing that I have not had a Coke at work!

Total Transformation

I’ve lost 26 pounds, 4 inches on hips, 4 inches on my waist, 3 inches on my thighs, all of my clothes are too big, it’s such a great feeling. I have muscles, strength, confidence and I’m moving forward and my life has changed.

Trina has changed my life in the last 3 years with Stroller classes and the last 6 months of coaching my diet and lifestyle changes. This is something that I can maintain for my life, it’s not just a diet it’s a lifestyle change, which makes a huge difference”. – Sarah Hallett

Second round of Train with Trina (formally Express Fit) Results

Before and After Testimonials-9Fast forward 7 months, she is still Coca-Cola free, is 26lbs lighter, lost 6% more body fat and 17.8 total inches

I love that Sarah pronounces my name wrong in her incredible video!  Who can say Medves properly anyway! xo Sarah

I want to help you transform your life and that’s why I have launched a brand new Online Only Transform with Trina 8 week Challenge.  If you are overwhelmed, exhausted, sick of life and at your wits end then I have the solution 4 you! I have 16+ years of experience coaching women to the ROCK STAR version of themselves!

If you are ready to invest in you, jump over to my 8 week Transform with Trina Challenge and check it out.  I can help you just like I helped Sarah and hundreds of other women.  

Time 4 Your Transformation!

Whether it’s online or in class, I have the solutions 4 you!  Stop saying you will do it later, do it now and COMMIT.  What’s the worse that can happen?  You feeling absolutely incredible by the end of the Challenge?

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