Please complete before you start your Online Program

  • Fit4Females Online Programs Company Policies

  • This form is an important legal document.  It explains the company policies.  It is critical that Client acknowledges that it was read and understood completely.

    1. In addition to this form, Client will be required to read, understand, and acknowledge the following forms and send to Fit4Females prior to receiving any Online, Fitness, Nutrition, WellnessTraining Program:
      • Insurance Waiver, Release, and Assumption of Risk Form
      • New Client Questionnaire
    2. If you have any of the following physical conditions, you may be required to have a Medical Clearance and Physician’s Consent Form:
      • Hypertension (>145/95 mm Hg)
      • Hyperlipidemia (cholesterol >220 mg/dl or a total cholesterol-to-HDLratio of >5.0)
      • Diabetes
      • Family history of heart disease prior to age 60
      • Smoking
      • Abnormal resting EKG
      • Any other condition that Fit4Females in its sole discretion may deem to present an unreasonable risk to your health, where you are to participate in a fitness evaluation or program.
    3. Fit4Females will provide you with Nutrition tips and Online Training Programs according to information received in our Online Programs.  Nutrition Tips and Training Programs will be sent via email to the membership forum. It is expected that you participate in order to succeed.
    4. Client should consult a physician before starting or adding a new training program or changing their diet. Fit4Females is not responsible for any injury sustained as a result of the advice or suggestions given within the content of our Online Training Programs or client Transformations.
    5. Correspondences between Fit4Females and Client will be done via e-mail unless otherwise specified. Fit4Females will respond to e-mails within 24 hours – 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays. Fit4Females shall notify Client if Fit4Females cannot be available for a period of time due to illness, vacation, emergencies, or any other reason, with or without notice.
    6. Rates for Fit4Females services are subject to change. Services prepaid for by Client, which are unused at the time of any rate change, are non- transferable and non-refundable.
    7. Any additional Coaching, Private Training and/or Training programs must be prepaid (unless otherwise specified at time of contract).
    8. If the Client chooses to cancel their services with Fit4Females, no refunds or credits will be given. Cancellations must be made via e-mail as soon as possible.
    9. Clients have the right to terminate a particular exercise or workout at any time. You are in control of your workouts! If an exercise is uncomfortable or painful, or you need to stop for any reason, you must do so. If a particular exercise is painful for you to do, or you have an injury or other limitation that makes it difficult for you to do, Fit4Females can attempt to substitute another exercise to work that particular muscle group if needed. *Excludes a brand new plan, that would require additional customization and an additional fee for a customized workout
    10. You will get from your workouts what you put into them. Results will vary by individual and Fit4Females cannot guarantee specific results. Client acknowledges that Client is responsible for their decisions regarding whether or not to exercise consistently, eat properly, rest enough, and live a healthy lifestyle. We will provide you with the guidelines but you must put in the work.
    11. This entire Program is Online only.  You are required to be active on the Exclusive Private Facebook group and participate in the Online Group Coaching sessions. Dates are subject to change depending on availability.
    12. TO DO: You are required to take total body measurements and weight (body fat if possible and email them back to us) *instructions will be provided by  Coach Trina Medves at Fit4Females.
    13. TO DO: You are required to take your “Bye Bye” Before photos at the beginning of the Transformation and After photos at the end. Please submit via email them to us *they will be kept private until you tell us otherwise.
    14. TO DO: We strongly suggest you take progress photos and email them to us.
    15. TO DO: You are responsible to write down and track your measurements and weight at the start of the program and as noted on your membership site. Please email them to us.
    16. We will ask you for a testimonial at the end of your Program and hope that you will provide us with your feedback. We hope that you will be our next success story and will not release your photos without your permission.
    17. Fit4Females respects your privacy. Due to the nature of our services, it is necessary to collect certain personal information from Clients. All information collected is treated as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, and Fit4Females will not share or redistribute your information with any third party except as necessary to provide services purchased by the Client, or as required by law. Any information gathered from a Client is simply for our records and, if applicable, necessary to provide the services to the Client for which we have been contracted.
    18. These terms and conditions of Fit4Females policies are current as of Aug 5, 2020. All Terms and Conditions are subject to change, in which case, Client will be notified via e-mail.



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