Every day that I wake up, I not only believe but I know that I have the power to change someones life for the better. It is my gift and it was given to me at birth. People often ask me “how do you do what you do and make such a difference in people’s lives. It always looks so easy!”. The answer: Passion and my gift, it never feels like work, it is always honest and I stay true to my beliefs.


Your life doesn’t suck, it matters!

I was blessed to be in a position to have quit my “grown up” Law Clerk job and start Fit4Females in 2008 to follow what I am truly passionate at, inspiring to change people for the better.  You need to feel passion for what you do. Maybe you are a mother, an aunt, a Step Mom, a sister, a wife, a grandma, a friend, a powerful business woman, a co-worker or just a regular beautiful woman. Either way, you have the power right now to believe that whatever it is you do makes a difference because it does.

Life Inspiration

You make a difference when you are happy

Don’t you see, it doesn’t matter if you are stuck at a job that you don’t like or if you are doing exactly what you are passionate about. Either way you have the power to act as if what you do makes a difference because it does.

When I order a coffee and the nice take out lady smiles at me and says “have a nice day”, she changes my day and then I spread my happiness to the next person I see.  She makes a difference.

If you are reading this post I would like to hear from you. Tell me what you are doing that makes a difference and leave your comments below because you make a difference.  Love to my followers!  I hope I have changed your life in some small way.

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