Proving Age is just a Number!  Our Members rock and they are the reason we are in business. We often forget that small steps are the most powerful.   Make a commitment right now that you are going to change your life. Being negative towards ourselves is easy, accepting a compliment is another thing.

Lyse Wortel is our Member of the Week and we cannot get enough of her. She is humble, supportive and a power lifting rock star! I would go head to head with her any day of the week because she would push me to levels I never knew were possible. Did I mention she is in her fifties and doesn’t look a day over 40?

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Lyse is the first Fit4Females Member to support any event we offer. She shows up with a smile, hard work and earns her sweat.

Her positive energy radiates when she enters the room, followed by an infectious smile and smoke show legs. Those legs are what celebrities pay big bucks to achieve! Five years of making herself a priority with Fit4Females has its perks! Next time you see her, ask what her secret is.

Lyse didn’t miss a Cardio Boot Camp or PiYo class for three months. Now that’s dedication and here’s why she committed:

Lyse Wortel Shares her Secrets!

F4F: How do you stay committed in a busy schedule?

Lyse: Summer commitment is easy for me.  My husband Wayne runs his own business and it’s his busy season.  We made no vacation plans for July or August. My children are grown and independent and I can now dedicate some time for my own self-improvement.

F4F: What keeps you coming back to Fit4Females?

Lyse: I’ve been an F4F member for 5 years.  What keeps me coming back is the variety of classes, the trainers and participants. It’s a sisterhood of women who all have a similar interests and goals in mind.

F4F: Any uplifting or encouraging advice to give to our Members?

Lyse: Firstly, whatever situation you are in, own it!  Then make the commitment to change, to improve and don’t back down.  There will be obstacles in your way. Sometimes you can plow through them and sometimes you won’t. Membership has its’ privileges and there are plenty of fabulous women who will offer support. Whatever challenges you face in class meet and greet them head on and do your absolute best. Then at the end of class walk out with your head held high and strut like you were John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” humming “Staying Alive”.

F4F: What was the best part of your summer Session?

Lyse: Getting a great sweat while strengthening my body. I like to think that I can move as well as Tara in PiYo and every week I aim for that perfection.  It is an honour to be recognized for this small feature. I absolutely enjoy being a member of F4F. As much as I grunt and groan during class and sometimes complain, I know that participation is the best thing for me.  I’ll admit that it wasn’t easy at first to show up but persistence has its’ rewards and I have made some great friends along the way. I am so looking forward to this fall session and spending even more time perfecting myself in mind, body and soul.

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Time to get in shape before 2016.  Get lean, get strong and make the appointment right now with yourself.

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