Fit4Females is 12 years old!  We are an award winning company specializing in transforming women only in Boot Camp and rehabbing the post baby body in Stroller Fitness.  If you are a woman and you need to start taking care of you, Fit4Females is the place to be.  Share your love, photos and comments about us to win.

Women Only 12 year Anniversary

Can we get a love comment.  Nothing better than a Women Only Community making themselves a priority.  We sincerely love you and will be sharing more as we celebrate 12 years.  Thanks for making Fit4Females amazing.

Please click here to comment on our post and use the hashtag #Fit4Females and tag Fit4Females – Stroller Fitness, Cardio Booty Camp. We want to see your:

Prizes to come for the love we receive.  xo Coach Trina

I’ve got a gift for you

Every day, I prioritize my Top 3 and that’s what my 10 Day Lean and Clean starter program is all about. Click here to see what it includes.

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Women Only Boot Camp Beauties 

Our Women’s Only Boot Camp programs are filled with women of all shapes and sizes.  We challenge total body, talk about mindset, nutrition and taking care of yourself from the inside out.  It’s not just about Fitness.


Moms at Stroller Fitness

Moms, we are the worst at taking care of ourselves and need to be reminded to put ourselves first. Stroller Fitness aka Mom and Baby fitness is the best place to workout, bring your baby and finally put yourself first.

Lose the baby weight safely.  Come get your sweat on with us and your kiddos will have a great time too.

Babies love our Stroller Fitness

It’s never too early to teach your kids that working out is healthy for the mind and body.


Final Thoughts

  • Make yourself a priority, you will be a better woman and mom
  • Sign up for a Group Fitness class for accountability, coaching and getting in your best physical and mental shape
  • You will never have enough time or money, do it now!
  • Make fitness a priority because it makes you healthy, happy and strong.

Trina xo

Fit4Females Freebies

  1. Our Fit4Females Fit Insider has lots of tips, recipes and workouts
  2. Join our Community Free Facebook Group for accountability
  3. Join our Women’s Only Fitness Programs
  4. Come and try a FREE class and see why we are the #1 Women’s Only Fitness Club in our area
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