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Back in the day my Trainer told me I needed to do more cardio!  So off to the stepper and treadmill I went and…

I did not lose any weight! Gone are the days of being on a stepper and a crazy cardio bunny.

Have you been working hard and you think you’re doing everything right but you’re not losing weight?  FRUSTRATED!

I’m eating a 1500 calorie diet, I SHOULD be losing weight.

I’m working out and doing cardio what’s the deal?

Muscle weighs more than fat right?

I’m gonna cut my calories so I can lose weight

I need to work out more!

My friend told me about this juice diet, I’m joining that!

I should join a Boot Camp, I heard that gets you in shape!

I’m just going to eat chips and desserts because I’m not losing weight anyway, I’ll start Monday!




Why YOU are not losing weight

Are you eating enough?  We all have different caloric requirements and various apps have told me that I should be on a 1500 calorie diet but if I did that I would be starving, read this.

Are you getting enough sleep?  Trouble waking in the AM could be a sign of hormonal imbalance?  Track it.

Have you hired someone to help with your Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness Plan to break through the plateau?

Do you burn more calories at rest and need more fuel?

Two people of the same weight and height need completely different calories in order to survive.ladies muscle

Does your diet consist of protein, fat and fibre and carbs from natural sources *protein from both vegetable and animal sources?

Are your workouts intense enough? Notice I didn’t say LONGER!

Gone are the days of repetitive cardio workouts. TRY THIS!

Don’t restrict your calories – pay attention to what you eat instead

Eat unprocessed foods in their natural source

More cardio will not get you in better shape


Track your diet, what you eat, how much you sleep, time awake and asleep, what you are drinking and when.

Get more ZZZ’s!  Lack of sleep makes your body hold on to fat!

Change up your workouts, here are some FREE ones.  Are they intense enough?  Schedule 2 rest days.

Muscle weighs as much as as fat but it takes up less space in your body.  You may not see it on the scale.fat vs muscle

What does your stress look like, be honest because stress harbours fat

Don’t wait to be a “certain size”, it won’t validate you.

Ditch the scale!

Stay on your course!

If you need a little extra help and guidance you can contact me anytime.

Muscle needs hydration to get you leaner – Are you drinking enough water, How much is enough?

In case you missed it!


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